Better Sex Advanced Techniques 7

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Better Sex Advanced Techniques 7 Features

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 Perfect Your Lovemaking With 3 Intense Videos!

Put more adventure into your sex life when you watch this sizzling series! Better Sex Advanced Techniques 7 helps you and your partner take your sexual expertise to the next level with this set of 3 erotic videos that are fun and exciting to watch. 7 highly expert sex therapists recommend this adult sex education series as a way to expand your sexual talents, getting more out of your sex life than ever before.  Every sex act is demonstrated in explicit detail by real loving couples, helping you rev up your sexual power using new techniques and imaginative variations on your favorites! The set includes:

 Sexual Positions For Lovers

Make sex more exciting with these 32 positions! You'll learn new positions, variations on favorite standbys, how to penetrate deeper, how to prolong intercourse, how 'sex props" can change your life, special variations on the "rear entry" position, working around physical limitations, and much more!

 32 Ways To Please Your Lover

Learn new skills to keep your lover satisfied! You'll learn 26 incredible positions, 6 amazing sex techniques, fantasy and role-playing, using toys - and even food! - for erotic thrills, how to produce intense G-spot orgasms, and much more!

 10 Secrets To Great Sex

Spend a delicious night with your partner and this enlightening video! Learn how to experiment with new locations, new positions and new techniques. Discover tips on choosing erotic videos, using toys to spice things up, creating erotic fantasies, and communication strategies for overcoming shyness about trying new things.

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