Exploring Better Sex 5 - A Four Volume Set

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Exploring Better Sex 5  - A Four Volume Set
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Exploring Better Sex 5 - A Four Volume Set  
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Exploring Better Sex 5 - A Four Volume Set Features

This amazing set includes:


22 Sex Secrets, Tips, and Turn Ons - Here's the hot stuff they never told you in Sex Ed - or anywhere else! In just a little over an hour, you can transform your sex life from ordinary to extraordinary with this award-winning video. 22 Sex Secrets, Tips and Turn-ons shows you how to bring the real heat to every sexual encounter, just by using these easy-to-learn secrets and techniques. 12 gorgeous couples toss all inhibitions to the wind as they demonstrate in explicit detail everything you need to know to take your sex life to a higher level. All it takes from you is a sense of adventure! 78 minutes.


Creative Positions for Lovers - It's amazing how a simple change of positions can recharge your sex life! No matter how much you love sex or how long you've been at it, every couple needs a change now and then. Our Creative Sex Positions For Lovers: Beyond The Bedroom video teaches you how to spice it up, taking your sex play from bland to breathtaking! This sexy, stimulating video features 5 sex experts giving you practical, down-to-earth advice for keeping your relationship fresh. Real-life couples take you step by step through the positions and techniques in uninhibited erotic detail. You'll have as much fun watching this video as you'll have in trying out everything you've seen! 60 minutes.


Maximizing G Spot Pleasures - It's no secret that women have more incredible orgasms when the G-spot is aroused. And when both partners are intensely aroused, the sex can be dynamite for you both! Let this informative, erotic video from the Sinclair Institute teach you how to reach those new heights of sexual pleasure with G-spot stimulation. It's easy for you and your lover to follow along with real couples as they guide you through tested techniques for stimulating the G-spot and producing more intense orgasms.45 minutes.


32 Ways to Please your lover - There's nothing sexier than watching your lover in the throes of pure orgasmic pleasure, and knowing that it was your sexual skills that produced it! If you love to experiment - or if you always wanted to try something different - you'll love this video from the Sinclair Institute. In just one hour, you'll learn new skills to keep your lover satisfied. And your partner will be happy to return the favor! Get inspired as you watch real loving couples demonstrate explicit techniques and tips to keep your sex play exciting. 60 minutes.

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