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Sue Johanson, host of Talk Sex on the Oxygen Network, called Toys For Better Sex "an excellent video and a comprehensive guide on how to use adult sex toys to their - and your - best advantage".

Explore new regions of intimacy and arousal with this erotic, breakthrough guide to sex toys for two. Watch as couples demonstrate the newest dildos, vibrators, pleasure balls, specialty attachments, and anal plugs. This video can help add new playful delight to your lovemaking.

Toys For Better Sex contains explicit demonstrations to help you and your partner expand your sexual pleasure and find your lover’s secret spots! America’s leading sexuality experts provide guidance and perspective on ways to heighten orgasmic intensity. See sex toys to help him last longer, add texture, girth or length to his penis, and ways to experience “the eternal erection.” This video helps you understand how to use toys to explore fantasies such as ménage a trios or double penetration. Tambien en espanol. Click here for all DVDs with spanish language feature.
Feature Length: Approximately 80 minutes.

* Volume 1 & 4 cost $24.95 and volume 2 & 3 cost $29.95 each.

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