Oral Sex She'll Never Forget

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Oral Sex She'll Never Forget Features

Learn Techniques That Will Drive Her Wild
Oral Sex She'll Never Forget details 50 unique cunnilingus experiences from start to finish. Learn mouth moves, hand strokes and how sex toys and new settings can create the most exciting oral sex. Whether she's in the mood for something playful or full-on naughty, sexy photography and in-depth illustrations show you exactly how to give her what she craves and have her begging for more.
A few positions to look forward to:
  • "Wild and a Little Rough Cunnilingus" - sensations that will leave her breathless
  • "Fire and Ice" - mind-blowing pleasure using hot and cold
  • "Full-Service Cunnilingus" - her ultimate fantasy
"Knowledge is power. Sexual knowledge is bliss. Dr. Sonia's Oral Sex She'll Never Forget is truly a cunnilingus cookbook for lovers." —Nick Karras, D.H.S., author of Petals
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