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Better Sex® Advanced Sex Techniques II Series Collection (4 DVD-set)

Item #2971
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Better Sex® Advanced Sex Techniques II Series Collection (4 DVD-set)

Become An Expert Lover With This Erotic Instructional Series!

Rev up your sexual power and become the skilled, adventurous lover that you've always wanted to be! Both men and women will love this sensuous series, designed to take your sex life to a whole new level. The Better Sex® Advanced Techniques 2 Series turns up the heat on adult sex education, as real couples take you step by step through exciting sex acts and variations in uncensored, graphic detail. Just watching the 4 erotic videos in this enlightening series is a thrill as you and your partner learn the secrets to mind-blowing sexual techniques. This groundbreaking series includes:

Better Sex® Vol. 1: Sexual Positions for Lovers

Make sex new and exciting, no matter how long you've been together! 4 attractive, uninhibited couples teach you 32 sex positions in this hot video! You'll learn how to penetrate deeper, how to prolong sex for more intense pleasure, special variations on the "rear entry" position, how "sex props" can enrich your sex life, working around physical limitations, and much more!

Better Sex® Vol. 2: Unlocking the Secrets of the G-spot

Reach a new orgasmic intensity by arousing her G-spot and his prostate! This sensational video takes the mystery out of multiple orgasms for both men and women as 4 couples show you how to reach the ultimate O! You'll learn how to find and stimulate the G-spot and prostate, delaying ejaculation, all about female ejaculation, solo and mutual masturbation, and more!

Better Sex® Vol. 3: 10 Secrets to Great Sex

Learn to experiment with new locations, positions and techniques! 13 loving couples show you how to spice things up in the shower, the kitchen, the great outdoors and many more places. Includes tips on choosing erotic videos, using adult sex toys, and sure-fire strategies for overcoming shyness about trying new things.

Better Sex® Vol. 4: Better Sex Guide To Enjoying Guilty Pleasures

Forget the "guilt" and concentrate on the "pleasures!" This erotic sampler of kinky sex acts and titillating toys is healthy, imaginative and fun! Learn the myths and truth about S&M, "taboo" subjects and exploring your fabulous fantasies for a richer, more varied sex life!

Brand: Sinclair Institute