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Come discover sensual secrets for the wildest, hottest, most orgasmic lovemaking of your lives in Dr. Sadie's Ride 'Em Cowgirl! Sex Position Secrets for Better Bucking.
The Dr. Sadie Allison's method begins with playful "icebreakers" that enlighten, entertain and stimulate your sexual appetite. She then reveals new lovemaking angle variations and techniques to set off deep, body-wide superorgasms that'll take your breath away! A truly modern communication tool, this gem of a book empowers women and men to experience the best lovemaking of their lives.
You'll instantly see why Dr. Sadie encourages you to read this book together with your lover—in bed!
Break through to better sex!
  • Fully Illustrated to Guide You - Over 100 tasteful "point-n-play" illustrations help you visualize every exciting new move.
  • Fun Empowerment for Couples - You'll feel Dr. Sadie's easy conversational style and hands-on encouragement on every page.
  • Stronger Longer Multiple Orgasms - Learn new ways to release HER deepest OMIGOD! orgasms from full-on penetration.
  • Discover New Secret Sensations - Explore the strokes, squeezes and touches your lover wants (...but isn't telling you).

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Great Read (for guys too!)   

on September 4, 2008

Ride 'Em Cowgirl has the best positional pictures and Dr. Sadie explains what they each are best for doing (i.e. this one goes deep, this one is tight, this one hits the g-spot, this one is perfect if your pregnant, these you can handle if you are overweight, etc.) Ride 'Em Cowgirl has special sections for the girls and special sections for the guys, I read it all! Dr. Sadie showed me how to become better at communitcating what I like and don't like, something I put into practice right away! I love that the book taught my hubby more about getting me to orgasm better, longer, and deeper.
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Required Reading, Boots Optional   

Forever in Love on September 5, 2008

Ride ‘Em Cowgirl is full of so many good ideas that you will never get bored! The book starts out with information everyone needs to know from orgasm (his and hers), how-to’s, communication and then about 11 chapters on positions and closes out with a couple chapters about play and playthings. The book is filled with tasteful drawings of couples engaged in the various sexual positions being described. We can’t say enough about this book. Everyone should own it. Dr. Sadie’s prose is delivered with fun and snap and is never boring! Get this book! It is much more than just “another sex position book”!
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