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Evolved Romance Collection
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Amazing Encounter Stimulating Female Lubricant
BetterSex Essentials® Gel Personal Lubricant
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Evolved Romance Collection
Sizzle! Toys for Better Sex $19.95
Amazing Encounter Stimulating Female Lubricant
BetterSex Essentials® Gel Personal Lubricant $12.95

Evolved Romance Collection Features

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Everything you need to make her wishes come true!

Packed with romantic goodies for Valentine’s Day!

From foreplay to the afterglow, this amazing collection of sex toys and adult products has you completely covered so you can focus on pleasing your lover instead of trying to find the next toy!  The Romance Collection makes a great Valentine's Day gift. Just tie a bow around it, and get ready for a night of fun!

The kit includes:

An Evolved Vibrator
Based on a traditional vibrator, this sex toy features three different speeds - low, medium and high. The pointed tip is great for focusing vibrations on specific spots… like your clit! Made from plastic with a special silk coating to make it super smooth to the touch. Waterproof for fun in the shower. Uses 2 AA batteries, sold separately.

A Vibrating Cock Ring
The perfect sex toy for couples, this cock ring features a vibrating clit stimulator to drive her crazy while the snug-fit helps boost the size of his cock as well as his staying power.

Silk Ties & Blindfold
Soft and sensual, these silk ties are a gentle introduction to bondage. You can effortlessly tie your lover up to the bed or bind their hands together with the silk ties. And the blindfold turns everything you do into a surprise, making it that much more arousing!

52 Love Vouchers
Filled with fun and playful ideas for foreplay and sex, these love vouchers are great for getting the juices going! Whether you’re having a naked dinner together or watching yourselves have sex in a mirror, these cards are sure to add a little spice to your relationship. Best of all – you and your partner can use them year round and even trade them back and forth.

Body Jewels
This colorful jeweled sticker can go anywhere on your body – from a sexy tramp stamp to your cleavage. If you’re shaved, you can even use on your crotch to surprise and wow your lover!

Naughty Dice
Designed for foreplay, one dice features a series of actions (kiss, lick, oil up and more) and the other features body parts (neck, lips, toes and more). Just roll the dice and take turns following the actions. The Naughty Dice are terrific for inspiring you and your lover to experiment with new things as well as introducing an element of randomness if your relationship is starting to feel a little dull.

2 Electric Tea Candles
Create a romantic mood with these two glowing electric candles. Just turn them on and the two tealights produce a soft and gentle glow without posing a fire hazard. Each candle uses a watch battery, included.

Love Stinger
This heart-shaped little snapper ensures you get the perfect love tap every time. Just pull the elastic cords back and let it pop to give your lover a heart-shaped memento!

Rose Petals
These packet is filled with over a dozen faux rose petals perfect for scattering over the bed or in the bath to complete a romantic setting.

Sex Lube
System Jo H2O is a water-based sex lube safe to use with condoms and all types of sex toys. 1 oz. bottle

Flavored Lube
Designed for oral sex, this tasty flavored lube will leave you licking and licking! Flavors may vary. 1 oz. bottle

And a condom
It pays to be safe!

Lube ingredients include: (INCI) Propyl Paraben, Methyl Paraben, Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose, Glycerin, Purified Water (Aqua), Flavoring (Aroma).

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Evolved Novelties

Customer Reviews - Evolved Romance Collection


on March 15, 2013

My wife and I love this collection. Very fun and playfull items here. Has everything you want in it from vibrators to ties and blindfolds and lube!!!!
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