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We-Vibe Couples Sex Kit

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We-Vibe Couples Sex Kit Features

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FREE Better Sex Essentials® Lube + FREE 2nd Day! OVER $20 in SAVINGS!

Exclusive to Better Sex, the We-Vibe Couples Sex Kit includes the most innovative couples sex toy, the We-Vibe II, and our Better Sex Essentials® Liquid Lubricant!

Sleek and sexy, the IT toy of the decade, We-Vibe II offers a new dimension in intimate pleasure. The We-Vibe is a hands-free dual simultaneous G spot and clitoral stimulator, AND a revolutionary design that can be worn DURING intercourse. Featuring two quiet two-speed motors that can operate at 5000 RPM, the We-Vibe uses rechargeable batteries that run 2+ hours on a single charge. Made from silicone and waterproof. Comes wall charger. Approximately 3" insertable.

The Better Sex Essentials® Liquid Lubricant is manufactured in the US by an FDA approved, cGMP licensed facility specializing in nutraceutical formulations promoting overall good sexual health. The finest water based formula we have ever encountered in a personal lubricant; The Better Sex Essentials® Liquid Lubricant provides an extraordinary long lasting silky glide suitable for all intimate encounters.

This sex toy is compatible with water-based lubes; try the Better Sex Essentials® Gel Personal Lubricant . It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the sex toy with mild soap and water or try the Better Sex Essentials® Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this sex toy separately from other sex toys.

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Rechargeable, Water Resistant, Travel Size



Customer Reviews - We-Vibe Couples Sex Kit

nice and quiet   

Earlyriser on July 8, 2012

The we-vibe was excellent for solo use and pretty good for both of us together. My wife enjoyed the vibe on her clit while I was inside her. Sometimes it would be a little uncomfortable for myself while it was inside her. Once you get a good angle it works great.
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luv 2 luv ya on August 10, 2011

Hubby and I were excited about getting this product for our Mayan Riviera vacation and after giving the we vibe an honest try all week, I must say that we are disappointed. We found it very difficult to position it to stimulate the right spots. The lube became very sticky and tacky feeling shortly after application. As for him being able to enter me with the we vibe in, it was quite uncomfortable and once he was finally able to get in and start moving around, it was just in the way. This concept is a good one, it just did not work for us.
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The Wife LOVES It!!!   

Hot Dog on June 30, 2010

This strange looking toy really does the job. My wife can't stop asking for it. It works really well and can be in place during intercourse. She loves the fact that it stimulates her inside and out. A must have for us!!!
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Not so hands free...   

A little disappointed on June 13, 2010

I just don't trust this any more to be a hands free toy. The entire toy slipped inside of my vagina and I had a hard time getting it out. It should come with a string attached for when it goes all the way in.
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Unbridled Climaxing for all involved!!!   

Bigfoot and Sweetpea on June 9, 2010

I purchased the We-Vibe a few months ago as a surprise for my wife. For it being kind of a strange gizmo I thought any pleasure it might give would only be for her benefit. So I hide it and plugged it in for the recommended 24 hours. Our sons were both going to be out of the house the following evening. We started messing around and after going down on her for a few minutes. I pulled it from under the pillow clicked it on and slide it in. She IMEDIATLY felt the difference. I slide up between her as they wrapped around me. Now for the most part she is what you would consider a quite woman during sex. Not this night. I have honestly never heard her let out a passion scream as that evening. Her rabbit did not even give her this much pleasure. It has continued time after time to produce results. As for me. I have come to really in joy her use of it as well. When her legs clamp around me and pull my hips in tight. I can feel the vibrations deep in my pelvis as well. Both of or orgasms are intensified with the use of the We-Vibe. My only one word of caution would be to make sure it is lubricated or you will defiantly have a drag factor for the first thrust or two.
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Not enough Power   

C on May 22, 2010

Wife is spoiled by Magic Wand so this failed in comparison...
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High 5   

Clearance &amp; Candy on December 4, 2009

The We-Vibe is so cool, very different from anything else I've tried-I love the fit. You can put the We-Vibe in and move all over the place and it didn't fall out, even with a very the slippery Essentials® Lube coated all over me, it stayed in while I switched from bottom to top. Hands Free for real! The Good: Stays in place, nice vibe mild to mild/strong, can be used during intercourse, and it feels great, once it’s on it stayed on. The Bad: I missed the stroke. It sits right where I need the most stimulation-which is just what I wanted, however I missed the warm feel of the sliding penis on the top of my clit, so I turned it around and placed it on the bottom and found I liked it that way as well, that gave me the touch I was missing to send me over the edge, and buzzed my back door very nicely. Great addition for your collection!
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We truly enjoyed this one.   

The Playful Couple on October 24, 2009

This silly horseshoe looking gizmo looks more like an attachment for a much bigger product than a stand-alone toy. Looks can be misleading. This handy, RECHARGABLE, little helper does more than we thought it would. All of the information we had found on it suggested we could use it during intercourse. We have yet to successfully accomplish this act. I'm much larger than average downstairs, and we have trouble fitting my member inside her by itself sometimes. That being said, we were able to use the We Vibe during all sorts of acts. I used my hands, tongue and penis in many different ways both inside and out while this little bad boy buzzed away. It is a great foreplay aid for us right now. We picked it up with specific intentions. My wife is very, VERY pregnant right now, so we are stuck in that awkward time when very few positions actually work, and our frustration level is on the rise. The We-Vibe played two roles. It warms her up quite well for full on sex, and allows me to get her off by other means much easier. It lines up almost perfectly over her clitoris and presses nicely to her G-spot internally as well. She said that this device might not be enough to get her off by itself, but she won't complain at all. It turns out that this is our lucky little purple horseshoe. We love ours, but only wish it could have been made a slight bit smaller to accommodate a bigger man. All in all, we love it and would recommend it to absolutely anybody. The bottle of lube that comes with it is a nice bonus, the wetter the better!**Submitted by The Playful Couple
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Good, but not great   

Beeman on June 12, 2009

Perhaps after reading all of the rave reviews my expectations were a bit too high, but I didn't really feel like the We-Vibe lived up to all the hype. The design is great, its fairly unique, its exciting fun for something different, and it works very well as a hands-free vibe that can be used during was just lacking a wow factor. Mainly I guess the vibrations didn't seem strong enough or they weren't quite hitting the right spots. It was somewhat difficult for her to achieve an orgasm with it, and making it somewhat lackluster for us. More advanced vibration settings and stronger vibrations with easier controls would be better. Its nice to see some innovation in a novel toy like this though. Clean up and charging the internal battery are easy enough. The We-Vibe is definitely a fun toy that we'll keep coming back to to spice things up. We'll try a couple other positions to see if it works better, but so far overall we give it a "B".
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Perfect Combination!   

Buzz Team Admin on June 9, 2009

The We-Vibe is THE couples sex toy. It first peaked mine and my husband's interest summer of last year. After months of hesitation over the cost, we finally purchased this kit and boy am I glad we did! Already a huge fan of the Better Sex Essential personal lubricant, I read other Buzz Team reviews on the We-Vibe and decided this kit would be a winning combination. The liquid lubricant is silky smooth and great for sensitive users like myself. The We-Vibe allowed me to have clitoral and G-spot stimulation (HANDS FREE!) while my husband and I made love. Novel idea! The only downside is that I found the We-Vibe to be a tad uncomfortable in the girl on top position but that's only one position and hardly a reason to give this unique vibe anything less than 5 hearts! Highly recommend.
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