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Advanced Anal Sex Kit

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Advanced Anal Sex Kit Features

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Part of our Better Sex® Advanced Collection, the Advanced Anal Sex Kit is for couples who have introduced anal sex into their sex play before and are ready to explore new techniques with sex toys. Featured in our exclusve kit:
Better Sex Guide to Anal Sex
Better Sex® Guide to Anal Pleasure
Stimulation of this erogenous area can produce explosive orgasms for both men and women; an orgasm from prostate stimulation can be the most intense a man can have. See real couples demonstrating explicitly detailed positions for anal sex techniques, specially designed anal toys and lubricants, plus much more!
Better Sex Silicone Lube
Better Sex Essentials® Silicone Lubricant
The Better Sex Essentials® Silicone Personal Lubricant provides the ultimate in long lasting lubrication. Because this personal lubricant from Better Sex doesn’t evaporate, it does not dry out and remains exceedingly slippery for your most passionate and enduring sessions. Safe for vaginal and anal use, Silicone Personal Lubricant is THE lubricant for pool, tub and water play.
Aneros MGX
Aneros MGX Prostate Stimulator
With the Aneros MGX, men can achieve strong, continuous, non-ejaculatory, full-body orgasms previously unattainable through conventional sexual techniques. Using the Aneros is an exciting way to experience a new kind of pleasure.
Crystal Jelly Anal Delight
Crystal Jelly Anal Delight
This cute butt plug is made of a pink translucent jelly that is firm but flexible, stacked in a progressive series of 5 pleasure bumps. This butt plug helps intensify your orgasms with the fullness of this delightful plug.
Click Here for more information about our exclusive Better Sex Guide™ Couples Sex Kits!

Customer Reviews - Advanced Anal Sex Kit

**Buzz Member Highlight: A Must See!   

Buzz Team Admin on July 10, 2008

This is the best Sinclair video we have seen so far. We have experimented with anal sex before, but after watching this video we feel much more comfortable with it. We both really like how they carefully and thoughtfully explain the mechanics of anal sex, and emphasize the need for trust and relaxation before getting to intercourse. The couples demonstrating the techniques do a great job. Afterwards, we had a great time trying out the toys and the positions we saw. If you are at all interested in anal sex, this is a must see!**Submitted by Nudists-at-Heart**
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**Buzz Member Highlight:   

Buzz Team Administrator on July 9, 2008

Very informative. Good for both men and women, couples and singles. Shows how to use various toys. Touches base on hygiene and how to prepare yourself for anal play. The toys that come with the kit work great for first time users or people that have already begun to explore anal sex.**Submitted by Hudson**
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Anal play anyone?   

Anonymous on June 25, 2008

Better Sex Guide to Anal Pleasure: gives you a chance to see couples participating in anal play and it does help open the dialouge between partners. Also gives you a chance to see what toys you might want, instead of paying for something then being disappointed later. Aneros Prostate Stimulator: This was the first anal sex toy for my husband, he is still experimenting: men have a thing about anal sex due to the connotation that it has with it. He is not very comfortable with anal play but is willing to try anything. And this toy doesn't need a partner so it gives him a chance to do all this in private and at his own pace. Crystal Jelly Butt Plug: I thought it was a little too soft for me. I found it hard to insert because of flexabilty of the toy... you lose concentration when you have to keep trying to insert a toy. I prefer a more stiffer toy. The size is good and the bumps really add to the enjoyment of the toy. Silicone Gel Lubricant is great—I hate when you have to keep applying more gel. This lasts much longer than water based. Being a woman going thru the early stages of menopause: vaginal dryness is a real problem. And I love the fact that it's water proof...shower time is alot more fun. And it's latex friendly.**Submitted by maire56**
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