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Better Sex® Positions Kit

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Better Sex® Positions Kit Features

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SAVE OVER $50 with this Exclusive Better Sex® Kit ($95.75 VALUE!)

Part of our Better Sex® Transitional Collection, the Better Sex® Positions Kit will make it hard for you and your partner to keep your hands off each other....guaranteed. Featured in our exclusve kit:
Better Sex Advanced Techniques 2
Better Sex® Advanced Sex Techniques 2 Collection
Take your sex life to a whole new level with The Better Sex Advanced Techniques 2 Series (4-DVD set). Every act and variation is demonstrated by real couples in uncensored, graphic detail to help you and your partner perfect your own lovemaking through adult sex education.
Doggie Style Strap
Doggie Style Position Strap
One of the most popular sex positions just got better thanks to the Doggie Style Sex Positions Strap from Better Sex! This sex toy for couples is a soft, padded cummerbund style strap with adjustable handles, especially designed to bring maximum pleasure in the doggie or rear entry sex position.
Better Sex Gel Lube
Better Sex Essentials® Gel Lube Sample
Ensure you stay well lubricated for all your sex position play! 2oz. sample
Click Here for more information about our exclusive Better Sex Guide™ Couples Sex Kits!

Customer Reviews - Better Sex® Positions Kit

Something for everyone   

2 4 Love on August 4, 2008

The DVDs in this collection are not in a series so they can be viewed in any order. The first DVD we watched seemed dated, probably because of the poor video quality. It didn’t hold our interest or excite us. However, the next DVD was exciting and gave us some great ideas. We were excited to try some of the techniques we viewed. That’s what is so good about this collection, if you don’t find a particular DVD exciting, skip it and watch a different one. We think there is something exciting for everyone in this collection. This is definitely a collection worth having. When we opened the Doggie Style Position Strap we wondered how something so simple could possibly improve a fantastic sex position. We found that using the strap with a little experimentation and practice could make it better. Changing the position of the strap on my wife’s stomach changed the feeling and intensity for both of us. The soft padding of the strap gives positive control without being uncomfortable. Experiment with it, you will find other positions it can be used with just as we did. This is definitely a product you will want in your sex toy/sex aid collection. The Better Sex Essentials Gel Lubricant is a water based lubricant so it is safe to use with all sex toys. However, it didn’t seem to be long lasting so we still prefer a silicone based lubricant.
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Videos for new couples, the strap for all   

on August 2, 2008

My wife and I both thought the videos were very informative for new or relatively new couples. We even learned a few things. And there was a point or two where my wife asked if guys really like that, and I said yes. So they might be an easy way for one or both of you to bring up desires you haven't explored yet. As with all the Better Sex videos I have seen, they are certainly not censored in any way. The G-spot video also contains information on prostate stimulation. The lines from the people in the Great Sex video seemed unpolished which was a little bit distracting, but it added to the openness and frankness of the video. As someone else already posted, the videos do tend to get a bit clinical at times. My wife really likes the doggie strap because she says it helps me get deeper. From my standpoint, it lets me shift some of the work from my legs to my arms and gives me a little more control.
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**Buzz Member Highlight:   

Buzz Team Admin on July 24, 2008

I agree with some of the other reviewers that the video series is a little dated. But do not let this deter you, all of the couples in the videos were very much into each other, and gave off a very sensual air. The "Guilty Pleasures" video is much more modern. It is a very infomative video and does a great job at clairifying some of the sexual acts we as a nation are told are "taboo". I had no idea that oral sex was considered a taboo! They give great tips on how to make both partners comfortable with all the different acts. The best things in the kit are the strap and the lube! The lube has very low odor and boy does it last!!! It is now the only lube my wife will even use! The strap looks awkward to use at first, but once you get the hang of it. . . hold on! The extra power you get in thrusting is really great, my wife loves it. She actually brings it to me now!
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This kit was an exciting surprise   

MixCoca on June 27, 2008

This was an enjoyable kit all the videos were good though some of them were a little outdated but still enjoyable. Enjoying guilty pleasures video was the best video out of all of the videos in this kit. It explains everything taboo from an historical point of view, and since I am a historian I loved that. It was very informative in explaining why some things are taboo for some and not so taboo for others. Some of the things on the video, I did not even realize that it was a taboo subject for some people. This video made me realize that people should really loosen up when it comes to sexual activity it is part of human nature and people have been doing all of those taboo things for centuries and this video does a good job in explaining that. The best thing about this kit is the strap. The strap looks like it would not make that much of a difference but it does. It gave my husband so much power I have not screamed so loud in my life. It gave him the power to thrust as hard and deep as he wanted without worrying that I’m going to fall. The strap is very well made and the fur on the bottom made it very comfortable around my stomach. If you’re flexible enough this strap works well with holding your feet in the eagle position which was wonderful for me. This kit is great for the adventurous types. Great buy.
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Stick with the Strap   

Fodrea on June 23, 2008

The Strap is the greatest thing ever. My wife said that it intensified the sensation and allowed deeper penetration. It also allowed for a more athletic session. As for the videos the one that was great was the Better Sex Guide To Enjoying Guilty Pleasures. It got my wife and I talking about some of the different things that we would be interested in. The other three have some moments but all of them are a little too clinical with out giving a lot of information. Unlocking The Secrets Of The G-Spot was the best of the three but very dated. The Lubricant was average. My recommendation is get the strap and the Better Sex Guide To Enjoying Guilty Pleasures. If you are interested in a positions video try 26 Incredible Sexual Positions.
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The strap, oh the strap!   

Private Professionals on June 8, 2008

The videos included in this kit were full of different positions and techniques. Some of the videos were a little out-dated as far as the background, a little old school and distracting. But the strap, oh the strap! It allowed deeper penetration and gave me more control over her. I felt like I was able to move her, lift her, or lower her to just the right spot. She liked it because she could focus more on enjoying it than putting so much energy into holding herself up. She said that I was able to lift her just enough to bring intense pleasure. The strap also allowed me to lift her hips up enough so we could use a clit stimulator at the same time, bringing her to an energetic orgasm. We would highly recommend this to any couple that enjoys doggie style and wants deeper penetration.
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Get Things Started!!!   

Mrs. & Mr. Naughty Time on June 2, 2008

This Product is all about the joys of sex, and how to enjoy each other even more. To start, the movies are very helpful. Some have illustrations for you to follow along, but mostly they have sexy models to demonstrate the situation for you. Sexual Position For Lovers, Unlocking The Secrets Of The G-Spot, and Secrets Of Great Sex, I would say are a little outdated, but they are still very informative, and you can get a lot out of them. You never know when you can learn something new, and these movies are the proof. On the other hand, for a more recent updated movie with sexy couples and to explore the categories and sections of sex, check out the Better Sex Guide To Enjoying Guilty Pleasures. It is very, very, very informative and intriging to watch. You also get with this kit a Sportsheets Doggy Style Position Strap. It really is a great product. I didn't think it would be very versatile, but I was wrong, my husband and I found all kind of ways to use it! Try positioning it all kinds of ways! And don't forget about the Better Sex Essentials Gel Lubricant. The lubricant is extra rich and smooth, no complaints what so ever. So I would recommend this kit to all lovers looking to either spice up their love life, or if you just want to learn more about how to have great sex, and lets face it, who dosen't want to learn that! As always have fun and enjoy!!!
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