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Exploring Oral Sex Kit

Item# 4332
Backordered - Ships 9/13/2014
Price: $39.95
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Exploring Oral Sex Kit Features

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SAVE OVER $20 with this Exclusive Better Sex® Kit ($55.85 VALUE!)

Part of our Better Sex® Transitional Collection, the Exploring Oral Sex Kit is for couples who know what their partner enjoys and are ready to let loose and have some fun. Featured in our exclusve kit:
The Art of Oral Sex
The Art of Oral Loving
The Art Of Oral Sex from Better Sex® is a sensual way for couples to extend their sexual boundaries. If done correctly these techniques can create a physical, emotional and spiritual bond as intimate and pleasurable as “traditional” intercourse. Better Sex knows that in the art of oral sex, like with any artistic endeavor, the better the technique, the better the end result.
10 Pack ID Lube Sampler
ID Flavored Lube Sampler 10-PACK
Not sure of your favorite flavor of personal lubricant? Do you want to try them all? Better Sex is giving you the opportunity to add some variety every time you have oral sex with this 10 Pack Id Flavored Lube Sampler!
Oral Sex Game
Oral Sex Game
You can’t lose with this orally gratifying couples’ adult sex board game. Tantalize your lover as you move around the game board with your flavored lube game piece, performing the titillating tasks required. The first one to complete the board receives oral sex!
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Customer Reviews - Exploring Oral Sex Kit

Wonderful Forplay Action   

MixCoca on June 27, 2008

This is a great kit to have. The game is exciting and easy to play. Playing this game before sex builds sexual tension because you’re playing the game and you know that the ending of the game is going to be wonderful. I did not like the small bottles of lube that came as game pieces because it was defiantly not enough lube but since this was a kit that came with more bottles of lube that was great, because as fun as this game is you would defiantly need a lot of lube. The DVD was very informative, it was like a guide to giving good head and gosh some of those people were so good at it that it made me want to be as good as them when giving my husband oral sex. I love oral sex and any way you can make it more exciting is a good thing and that is why this kit is a good buy, both for a beginner or an expert head giver.
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It made our sex more loving!   

Lovers from Texas on June 20, 2008

The Oral Sex board game was just what we needed. Most of the time it is just kiss kiss sex. This game really helped us to slow down and appreciate each others body and experience a lot of new sensations by drawing our attention away from the typical erogenous zones to other areas, which was really nice. It made our sex more loving. We incorporated the flavored lube assortment into the game. Each turn we picked a different flavor. We each have our favorites, but by using different ones each time it kept it more exciting, versus the same flavor all the time. We have added a twist to the game though. We added a 3 min hourglass from another game. This insures that neither of us is getting more or less attention than the other, plus it kind of regulates the time to play one round. The first time we felt like we were rushing it a bit until we added the hourglass. The downside to the hourglass is that it is visual and not audible so you have to look at it every now and then. For some reason I keep losing, but she does not seem to mind a bit. The video was fairly informational, of course oral is far from new to us. (You remember high school right?) It was more exciting than informational, but we did learn a few things that we did not know. This kit is a must have regardless of your oral experience.
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Good collection   

on June 17, 2008

This is a good collection for a fun night at home. You can be playful and learn a few new things along the way. Nice DVD. Has some good information in it and techniques to try. If you are very experienced in oral sex, it may not show you a lot you haven't figured out yet, but you may still be able to gain some good tips. We've tried several of the flavored lubes and actually didn't mind the taste. I especially liked the Mint and Cherry. Those will probably be the first ones I'll run out of. It's a great variety so you don't get too tired of one flavor. This game makes for a fun evening. The best part of the game is the fact that no one really loses and everyone scores. The lube packs included are small, but that is why you get all the additional lube flavors in this package. I can't wait until our next game night.
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