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Bath Time Fun for You and Your Partner

Bath Time Fun for You and Your Partner

We’ve probably all encountered a man that is threatened by sex toys. He thinks you want a toy because he doesn’t please you, or that he won’t be able to compete with the toy, when the truth is sex toys can be used to enhance the pleasure of both partners. I don’t think any of us would rather have the toy than the man, but they sure can be great together.

If you have been wanting to introduce toys to your relationship but are worried about how your partner will react, the trick is to start off slow. Don’t bring home a life sized penis shaped vibrator first, as he may view that as a replacement for him. You can get to that, but first you have to build the foundation.

A great first “toy” for a couple is the Sensual Bath Set. It comes with a Kama Sutra of Sensual Bathing book, and a soft vibrating spa sponge and it’s built in water-resistant bullet. It’s cutesy and fun, nothing any man would be threatened of! Run a bath, light some candles, maybe put on some light music, and ask him to join you. Enjoy the bath for a bit and when he gets relaxed and in the mood start giving him his sponge bath! If he’s loving it, go wild! If he seems a little reluctant, just stick with his upper body for a bit, and then let him bathe you. He may just be more comfortable taking the lead himself.

Later in the week read the book with him to get more ideas on a sensual bath, or leave it for him to find and read on his own. After you’ve taken several fun baths together and he has no problems letting the vibrating sponge wander, you are ready to graduate on to your next toy! Just remember to let him know it is about enhancing the pleasure for both of you if he still has any qualms.

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