Oral Sex

Be a Lover, Not (an Oral Sex) Hater

Be a Lover, Not (an Oral Sex) Hater

There are women that love giving oral sex, women that tolerate it, and women that hate it. Which one are you? I’m one that loves it, and that is mostly because I know how to make it easier on myself and concentrate on the joy and pleasure it brings my partner. With a few tricks up your sleeve, you can be a woman that loves to orally pleasure her man too!

First, just relax. Don’t think about it as a chore that gags you or tires your jaw; neither of those are necessary! Start with your hands and a little lube- flavored is best. Wrap your hands around his penis and stroke up and down, adding in some twists and turns and squeezes. Start teasing him with some licks and flicks of the tongue, and don’t neglect his jewels! Now keep one hand on the lower half, and put your mouth on the top half. This way you only have to take into your mouth what is comfortable for you and let your hand do the rest. As an added bonus, the hand action with a little pumping will bring him to climax much faster than your mouth alone would. If you are sensitive to gagging or you just want to go deeper, use oral xex mints. The benzocaine is slightly numbing and will relax your throat, plus the cool spearmint flavor gives you both a little tingle. Try blowing your hot breath on him after using the cool mint and watch him shudder.

After a few tries, I’m confident you’ll be a lover and not a hater, and I’m sure he’ll be glad that oral sex is not just for birthdays and Christmas anymore!

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