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Fun Foreplay Tips

Fun Foreplay Tips

You probably know how effective foreplay is on making sex hotter. And you've probably read articles (some of them right here on this website!) on how to drive your lover crazy with touching, massage, oral foreplay and so on. But the great thing about foreplay is how inventive you can get with it – almost anything is foreplay if it gets you both excited. And unlike actual penetration and orgasm, foreplay can go on for a long, long time.

So with that in mind, here are a few fun foreplay activities you might love to try!

Start Talking: Never underestimate the power of dirty talk. And by "dirty" we mean naughty, not crude. Grossing your partner out is going to get you nowhere. Before you even get undressed, tell your lover what you're thinking of doing to him/her. Ask your lover how that makes him/her feel, and what they'd like to do in return. Murmur nasty little fantasies, such as "We're meeting in a fancy restaurant, and when you walk in and sit down, I suddenly realize you're naked under your coat..." That sort of thing can lead to a lot more, even if you feel a little awkward about it at first.

Sexting: Why should kids have all the fun? The power of technology to enrich our sex lives goes way beyond online porn. Send erotic little messages to your lover throughout the day: what you're planning to do in bed, how you're thinking about his or her hot body. Do this during a party while you're across the room from each other, and you just might leave early. Worth learning how to use the text feature of your phone.

Learn By Example: Nothing's more informative – and more erotic – than watching your lover masturbate. This may be something you've never thought of trying, and perhaps the very thought embarrasses you, but you can be sure of one thing: it will really arouse your partner! Watching you please yourself goes a long way to helping your lover understand how he or she can please you, and what makes your body react the most. Here's a trick to try if you're shy: try blindfolding yourself while you masturbate for your lover. Not only is it sexy, but it gives you the illusion that you're alone, and makes you feel freer to let yourself go.

Get Naked: You don't have to do a full-out striptease for your partner, but take your time getting undressed. Don't be too quick to pop right into bed. Let your lover have a long, good look at your body: after all, he or she loves you. Don't you think it turns your partner on just to see your bare body? And here's a hot little game to get the two of you fired up. One of you undresses while the other sits in a chair. The naked one can walk around, lie on the bed, brush your hair slowly, whatever. Set a time limit. The rule for that time is No Touching, Just Watching. After a few minutes of this, you'll be dying to touch! You can also make it a reward game: the one who holds out the longest wins. You might want to make a bet on it, too – and whatever you're playing for can get pretty sexy!

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