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SEX! The Card Game

Item# 3184
Backordered - Ships 11/8/2014
Price: $5.99
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SEX! The Card Game
Sex in the Shower Handle & Footrest Kit
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SEX! The Card Game $5.99
Sex in the Shower Handle & Footrest Kit

SEX! The Card Game Features

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50 great reasons to try something new!

A 50 card deck explicitly illustrates a foreplay activity or a sexual position. While playing one of the three Sex! Card games detailed in the pack, you and your lover use the cards to plan out one of 100,000 possible fantasies that you both act out. OR make up your own rules! You can’t lose.

Adult Games for BetterSex®!

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Kheper Games

Customer Reviews - SEX! The Card Game

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Sex is a Game!   

Mr. & Mrs. Love in TX on May 19, 2007

This card game is another good option to get out of the routine in bed. The key to Better Sex is to try to spice things up with new things and one way is by games. This will be an excellent way to do foreplay before the big time. Different fantasies and positions are presented in these cards. Have fun!
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