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Tantric Natural Massage Candle

Item# 5203
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Tantric Natural Massage Candle Features

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Reach new heights of intimacy with Tantric Massage Candles. Enjoy as a candle, massage oil or moisturizing lotion. Light, allow to melt and gently pour on your lover. Burns for over 60 hours.  6 oz. This amazing soy candle is made of a blend of natural ingredients.



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California Exotic Novelties


4 to 6 oz

Customer Reviews - Tantric Natural Massage Candle

Burning with Desire   

El fantastico on March 9, 2010

Ms. Fantastico and I received the Tantric Masage Candle from Californial Exotic Novelties the other day and after a couple of uses we have to admit that it really helps "light up" our desires. The candle is passion fruit scented and gives of a very understated, pleasant citrus scent that really puts a sense of ease in the room. It is made out of Natural Soy, which is a positive in our books, as anything that tends towards the side of organic or natural is usually well received in our home. The other thing is that this candle allows for the couple to use the melted wax as massage oil and it even comes with a little scoop, which is helpful in avoiding getting much if you had to just pour it out of the candle. The melted wax goes on smoothly and leaves a pleasant scent to the skin, but be warned that it does leave a slight waxy film, which should come as no surprise as it is candle wax. Ms. Fantastico did not mind that though, as between the pleasant smell, getting a body massage, and the warmth from the wax made it an experience that she truly loved. This is a great item for someone who loves candles to set the mood or couples who like to use different types of substances when giving your mate a massage. Four Hearts.
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