System JO 2 To Tango Lubricant Pack

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System JO 2 To Tango Lubricant Pack
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System JO 2 To Tango Lubricant Pack  
Adam's Super-Sized Dildo   
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System JO 2 To Tango Lubricant Pack

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Create an electrifying connection!

Create an intoxicating spark of passion with System JO 2 to Tango couples lubricants. JO 2 to Tango includes a personal lubricant for her to enhance and stimulate, plus a personal desensitizing, warming lubricant for him to prolong and excite. Creates a warming sensation for men to extend his pleasure. Creates a tingling sensation for her to enhance her pleasure. Together they create an electrifying connection.

  • Silky smooth with a tingling sensation
  • Long lasting
  • Glycerin and oil free
  • 100% latex safe

Note: Desensitizing agent will numb any skin it contacts.

Product Details

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System JO


Glycerin Free, Desensitizing



Fluid Volume:

2 to 4 oz


Penis, Clitoral


Stimulate, Desensitize

Customer Reviews - System JO 2 To Tango Lubricant Pack

JO low results   

Concrete Angel on September 21, 2012

First off, I liked the idea of a lube for both of us, and it seemed personalized. My man is pretty picky when it comes to lube, where as I am more easy going. And I have to say, I was disapointed with this one. Yes, there was tingling, but it felt more like it numbed me up and killed the mood rather than enhancing it. As for my picky man, he did not enjoy the warming sensation. I did like the consistency of the lube, and the lack of an awful smell. I was impatient with the pumps and eventually used my fingers, as the pumps take a while and I'd rather be doing other forms of exercise than with my finger and a pump! I would recommend this to a friend, as I was hoping it would work for me, and even tho it didn't, I still wish it did...
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You're Hot and You're Cold...   

TeacherWoman36 on December 23, 2011

System Jo does it again with another great lube. This time, however, they have introduced a pack of two separate lubes, one for him, and one for her. They feel like silicone and don't have a strong odor. They come in a convenient pump bottle that doesn't leak or get messy. The "his" lube has a warming sensation, and the "hers" lube has a cooling, tingling sensation. The hubby and I just LOVED them. They allowed him to stay a little longer than usual, and helped me climax a little faster, as the tingling sensation sent me over the edge. All in all, if you've used System Jo's products before, definitely give this one a try as well. If you haven't, you really don't know what you're missing, so give them a shot!
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A cool touch   

RockyLaFemme on June 1, 2011

I am really surprised how well this product worked. I have tried a few lubricant and stimulant products that claim to do extra but never do. This duo by System Jo was a pleasant surprise. First of all, they do warm and cool, I could not believe how quickly either. These products have the feel of a silicone based lube but are not. They are smooth and never got sticky and had an easy clean up with a warm damp washcloth. As far as I can tell they did not stain anything they came into contact with either. they had a slightly sweet smell and taste but nothing I would want to chow down on. I love that they had a pump applicator and a little goes a long way. I will say if you stop rubbing in the woman's lube after about 5 minutes the cooling effect will stop but if you start to massage it in again it reactivates!
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Perfect Couple Pack   

Newlyweds09 on February 1, 2011

This is by far the best lubricant that my husband and I have used!!! We like that the System Jo 2 To Tango comes with a lubricant for men and a separate lubricant for women. The pump on the bottle is nice because we can avoid squeezing out too much like other products. The men's lubricant provided my husband with a warming sensation, but it didn't get hot. Also, he commented that he is able to last longer when using this lubricant compared to any other we have used. The women's lubricant provides a cool tingly feeling. We both LOVE this product. The Jo 2 to Tango is our favorite lubricant!!! It is the perfect choice for any couple looking for a lube geared to please both partners.
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It Was Good, But Not Great   

The Playful Couple on December 14, 2010

As a couple who has been at it for 11 years, we've tried more varieties of lube than I can remember. We've dabbled in warming lubes, cooling lubes, and couple's lubes. This one scored pretty high. It has a thicker consistancy, which does wonders for longevity. It's also nice to have a thicker lube, so it doesn't run and pool up as much when applied. The smell is slightly better than average, and though it feels like a silicone lube, it isn't. This is great for cleanup. She said that it felt great when the two lubes mixed. I however didn't particularly care for the sensation. It made my equipment feel warm, so warm that I couldn't feel the friction as well. I'm plagued with delayed ejaculation as it is, so de-sensitizing me makes for a lot more work. As mentioned in other reviews, the pump is terrible. With most lubes, you just tip over the bottle, pour some out, and apply. If things are hot and heavy, having to pump, pump, pump, pump the bottle for a few drops of lube definitely slows things down. We enjoyed it as a whole, and do recommend it to any playful couples out there. However, be warned, if you have problems ejaculating in a reasonable amount of time, this might not be the choice for you.
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Good to JO!   

El Fantastico on November 30, 2010

The System Jo 2 To Tango Lubricant Pack was a definite hit at Casa de Fantastico! While we use lube on occasion, we had wanted to try a dual lubricant system and this one did not disappoint! First of all, the quality of the lube is superb, as is usual for System Jo products, as it provides a smooth, silky "glide" without having to apply gobs of gel. The 2 oz. pump bottles work good, and the caps fit tightly on, allowing for a comfort of mine that everything in the "toy chest" won't be covered if one tips over. The warming lube for men leaves you with a warm feeling that is nice, but does not have you thinking that you penis may be on fire. The cooling lube for women left Ms. Fantastico "tingling" from the cooling sensation and ready for action. When the two lubes combined it made for a unique and extremely pleasureable feeling that definitely enhanced the experience. The System JO 2 to Tango pack is something we will use and we would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a lube. We give it 5 hearts.
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She loves it!   

Puss N Boots on November 16, 2010

The new lubricant packs for couples are great! Instead of just buying a multipurpose lube or a lube designed just for him or her, you can get one for each of you, all in one package! Yeah! Each 2 oz. bottle of clear lube has a pump style dispenser. There is also a cap included to cover the pump when not in use. We had no problems with either pump and it was easy to dispense just the right amount required. Both the lubricants have a thinner consistency and will run but they are super slick! They both lasted for a considerable amount of time too as we did not need to reapply at any point. She loved the tingling or cooling sensation provided by the Her version of the 2 to Tango pack and even felt as though it increased her overall sensation as well. The Her version is also paraben and glycerin free. He really didn't notice much sensation from the His version but it was super slick and helped prolong the experience. His version does contain a methyl paraben and a propyl paraben just in case you are sensitive to those ingredients. Both lubes are latex safe so you can use them with latex condoms safely. We did mix these lubricants to see what the results would be for her but when too much of the His version was used, she did experience a temporary prolonging effect. Neither of the versions caused any adverse reactions whatsoever to either of us. Neither formula rinsed off with plain water either so these should also work very well in the shower. Just make sure to clean up any spills quickly as not only is it very slippery, but delicate fabrics may develop a spot if unattended. The 2 to Tango pack is an overall great value and a whole lot of fun! She loves it and we both highly recommend it!
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I'll be (Happily) Dancing With Myself   

Mr. and Mrs. Southern Comfort on November 12, 2010

The 2 to Tango Pleasure Kit For Couples led Mrs. SoCo and I dramatically different experiences but led us to the same conclusion. I loved it. Mrs. SoCo….not so much. Inside the package are two 2 oz. pump action squirt bottles: one for him and one for her (or so the labels say). The guy's version has a couple of nice things going on. First, there is a warming sensation that feels very nice without being too hot. Second, there is a little benzocaine to make you last a little longer without making you completely numb. Finally, this lube is a great man lube. It gets slick but allows just enough friction to feel great. It feels a lot like a silicone or oil based lube without being either of these. In all, this is an excellently balanced lube. The gal's version gives a cooling sensation that Mrs. SoCo just could not get into. We tried it on three different occasions to no avail. Admittedly, Mrs. SoCo does NOT like being cold. If you are into ice play, this would probably work quite nicely for you. This lube is paraben and glycerine free so it is very friendly to lady parts. It is also very slick and, again, feels a lot like a silicone lube. For me, this cold felt more like heat that was a bit more intense than the men's lube without any of the numbing. We both think that this is a fantastic product even if Mrs. SoCo wasn't super-enthused about the lady version. This is due solely to preference and NOT to performance. We both agree that JO makes an incredible lube. If you are into what these lubes offer, you will not be disappointed. Personally, I am looking forward to continuing to use these lubes for delicious handjobs. We have no problem giving these 5 hearts because the 2 to Tango delivers everything they promise.
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Have lube, will Tango   

Fun Times in NC on November 4, 2010

We've tried warming lubes and "tinlging" lubes before. But, this product generated the most response in her and that's a very good thing! I could tell I had a warming lube on, but it was not a "wow, I can really feel that and it feels great" but my wife liked the result. For her she said it was a tingling sensation and a cool sensation. She said it felt like a cool breeze was blowing on her. I applied a liberal amount on her and me and it really generated a much better response for as she really liked the feeling but I was pretty indifferent but always like having lube. The packaging was fine but the pump mechanism on the bottles could use some work. Don't know if we got a bad one or if all of the pumps are of sub-par performance, but it took a lot of work and pumping of the bottle pump to get the lube out of the bottle. When you are ready for the lube you want to get it out and apply it and not have to really work for it if you know what I mean! Any product my wife enjoys is a great addition, but the manufacturers need to rethink the pump and maybe go to a squeeze bottle or invest in a better pump.
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