Water Slide Personal Lubricant

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Water Slide Personal Lubricant

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Water Slide Personal Lubricant is all natural and pleasurably slick!

Made from all-natural ingredients and certified vegan-friendly, Water Slide Personal Lubricant is the perfect lube! Water Slide is water-based and safe to use with condoms, during intercourse, and with all your sex toys.

• All-natural ingredients and vegan-friendly certified
• Carrageenan (a seaweed extract) acts as a natural skin-moisturizer
• Safe and gentle lubrication
• Non-toxic, non-staining and odorless
• 4 oz. bottle with a flip top

Water Slide Personal Lubricant is formulated to never feel sticky. This lube doesn't contain any silicone, petroleum or preservatives-making this lube perfect for people with sensitive skin. The Water Slide Personal Lubricant is made in the United States by Earthly Body and is safe to use with all sex toys.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Propanediol (Natural Humectant), Natural Carrageenan (Sea Plant).

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Fluid Volume:

4 oz




Earthly Body


Made in USA, Water-based, Glycerin Free, All Natural

Customer Reviews - Water Slide Personal Lubricant

My favorite water-based lube on the market   

NerdGirl on January 19, 2011

I am both a lube snob and a woman with a super-sensitive vulva, so for me to give a lubricant 5-stars means a lot. I bought some Waterslide because it had the shortest, cleanest-looking ingredient list I’ve yet seen on a sexual lubricant. Finding a lube that won’t irritate my delicate bits is no small challenge, but Waterslide most definitely fits the bill. The thing that blew me away, though, is how long it stays slick. I have never used a water-based lube that lasts as long as this one. It's water-based, so if I have an extra-long stroking session I sometimes have to add water or more lube to reconstitute it, but nowhere near as often as I do with any other water-based lube. If I could own only one sexual product of any kind, Waterslide lube would be it. This stuff is truly amazing.
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