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System JO Men's Deodorant with Pheromone

Item# 6300
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System JO Men's Deodorant with Pheromone Features

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System JO Men's Deodorant with Pheromone is designed for daily use. Formulated for use as a sensual attractor to enhance your sexual appeal. JO Men’s Deodorant with Pheromone will keep you feeling fresh and sexy all day long. Contains ANDROSTENOL a potent natural attractant that provokes a strong sexual response. 2.5oz roll-on. 

Customer Reviews - System JO Men's Deodorant with Pheromone

Definately doesn't hurt!   

Sexy Love Birds on September 2, 2011

So my timing for trying this product was perfect because we had a baby a few months ago and with a wife recovering and feeding the little one she isn't exactly 'in the mood' very often; understandably so but crappily nonetheless. I decided to give Jo a try since I'm in a situation with a wife suffering from temporary low sex drive and I have to admit that it has helped. I don't have to feel like a 10th grader begging for 2nd base anymore, but it's not like this stuff has turned me into uber desirable number 1...i mean having a newborn in the house is still having a newborn in the house after all. Any how, I'm getting, she's willingly giving it to me with a smile and brushed hair, YEAH, and now and again I get some sleep...sort of. Bottom line, this product can enhance your desireability, but I don't think nor expect to see panties flying off of any gal solely based on this stuff anytime soon. Mix it in with some good grooming and by dressing sharp though and you might just be hard to resist.
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Does make a difference! Its my cuddle potion.   

The Romantic Ones on February 8, 2011

I tried the System Jo Pheromone spray and I have got to say there is something to it so I decided to get the System Jo deodorant with pheromone. Since I have been using these products my wife craves cuddles with me almost every night., We haven't cuddled like this for decades. Guys, don't expect her to be begging for sex with these products, but it does give you an edge and that certain something. I stopped them for a while and things did slack off a bit so I'm a believer. Thank you System Jo. Also a FYI, use them after a shower to get the maximum effect and with or without cologne.
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Definite effect   

Beeman on December 5, 2010

I previously tried the Pheromone cologne with good success, so I decided to give the deodorant a try to see if a daily-use product like this could give similar results. I was pleasantly surprised that while the effects weren't as pronounced as the cologne, it definitely had an effect. I tested the System Jo Men's Deodorant multiple times on random days with my girlfriend. The days I was wearing it she was much more cuddly and apt to take the lead herself in initating sex compared to the days I wasn't wearing it. The deodorant is odorless to me, but I've had women say I smell good when I wear it, so there must be something there. My only complaint is that it is only a deodorant and not an anti-perspirant like I'm used to using. I don't like the feeling of occasional sweaty armpits, so I'll probably only wear it on specific days rather than as an every day product like I had hoped. I still definitely recommend it though if you want a little extra edge in getting women to notice you and want to be close to you.
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All Systems GO   

El Fantastico on October 25, 2010

System JO Men's Deodorant with Pheromone is labeled as a deodorant with a sensual attractor, so I thought I would give it a shot. I have to admit to being skeptical at first, but after 3 weeeks of use I am no longer skeptical. The deodorant has no detectable scent when putting it on, but after about a week I noticed women telling me they liked the way I smelled, which was interesting because I had decided to cut back on cologne while wearing this product. While it did not make women throw themselves at me, I did get more attention from women at work and other public places, as well as more cuddle time from Ms. Fantastico. I have to admit that while I was once skeptical, this is a product that I now intend to continue using on a regulart basis. The 1 heart deduction is for the fact that it would be nice if the deodorant came in different scents but I do not know if that is possible with the Pheromones. Also, everyone's body chemistry is different, so I don't know how that would affect the product. Overall, a great product from a good company and something definitely worth a try. Four hearts.
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