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You are cordially invited to join hostess Carmen Luvana for an evening of decadence and debauchery sure to satisfy your every carnal craving in this adult movie! Social etiquette is tossed aside as the guests reveal their deepest taboo fantasies…wicked lust, shocking role reversals, fanged sex fiends and the sweet sting of domination are merely appetizers for the feast of flesh to follow! 10 super-charged sex scenes in all—and the 2-disc DVD collector’s box set has 3 more full-length scenes, and plenty of other bonus goodies in this adult movie! Length: 127 minutes.

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on 11/20/2008 11:34:38 AM
A dinner party worth attending!
Dinner Party 3 is a true smorgasboard of sexual fantasies. There is something to satisfy every appetite. Like most films, it has its glitches. I found myself giggling through the scene with the chef because his hat was so big on him (it just seems like such an easy thing to address!), but the giggling quickly stopped and I found myself straining to hear the dialogue because I wanted to follow the story and not just watch the sex. The hostess, Carmen Luvana, speaks with an accent that I found difficult to understand at times. As other reviewers stated, more attention could have been paid to the volume of the dialogue versus the ‘sex noise’, but this is typical. Although we are not adult film experts by any means, we’ve certainly watched our share and we did find ourselves completely drawn in and engrossed in this film because it has a substance and meatiness that can be rare in adult films. The sheer variety of fantasies, settings and characters kept you interested, and the sex was hot and very convincingly acted. This is not a movie for the faint of heart or newbie to adult films, some of the fantasies take a walk on the wild side (domination, male penetration, same sex encounters…) but we thoroughly enjoyed the shock to our systems that Dinner Party 3 delivered. If you’re looking for a little spice to add to your viewing collection, give this one a try.
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on 11/3/2008 11:50:01 AM
What a Great Movie!
Dinner Party 3 is not your average adult film. You must take note that the cast speaks for itself; Carmen Luvana, Steven St Crois, Evan Stone, and so on. The production of this film is fantastic. Camera work isn’t always perfect, but overall, they do a great job of capturing exactly what you want to see. The sound levels are a little lop-sided as are most adult movies. With loud panting and moaning, and quiet dialogue between sex scenes, you may find yourself wanting to regularly adjust the volume levels. Now, to the details… The sex scenes are very artistically driven. No two scenes carry the same lighting, action sequences, or tone. Dinner Party 3 has a little taste for every pallet. There are girl-girl scenes, two girls - one guy scenes, femdom female-male penetration scenes, sexy she-vampire seduces vampire hunter scenes, black light and body paint scenes, orgies, and more. Each scene varies in subtle ways from the others. The director decided some scenes needed to be mostly dark, some recorded at a different frame-rate, and some higher intensity. Overall, the different tones do a great job in assisting the plot to seem more tangible. The plot is, the Hostess (Carmen Luvana), has a wide assortment of guests, a la “Clue”, over for a dinner party. In a round robin type fashion, they each tell stories of their sexual escapades. Every guest has a fresh story to tell, and with the great direction, they each are indeed unique. Having said all of that, I have to say I’m glad I picked it up. I would recommend Dinner Party 3 to anyone who likes the subject matter I mentioned, and to any couple who finds sexual exploration as fulfilling as my wife and I do.
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on 8/22/2007 9:01:11 PM
This movie was for satisfying
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