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Screen Dreams

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Screen Dreams
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Screen Dreams   
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Screen Dreams

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Screen Dreams is a tribute to female masturbation!
Sneak a peek at what beautiful women do when alone. Hot covergirl, Shay, employs her knowing fingers to experience orgasm after orgasm. Sexy Latina Paola uses a large purple dildo to fulfill her desires. While, blonde and beautiful, Silvia prefers a vibe on her clitoris. As a special bonus, we've included a steamy lesbian romp with two gorgeous women. This one makes a great gift for the guys!
Feature Runtime: 101 Minutes
DVD Extras: 18 Minutes
Better Sex Reel Review

The movie features some very beautiful women pleasuring themselves and should please those interested in watching female masturbation. The title features 11 solos, each without setup and only containing a brief intertitle providing the performer’s name. There are a few more hot women and the odd inclusion of a lesbian duo for the fifth number.  While both blonds engaging in Sapphic sex are very attractive—one is Vivid girl Brea Bennett—and the scene is quite passionate, it still seems out of place. The great solo scenes range from blonde Victoria Zdrok posing next to patio doors in a house atop the Hollywood Hills before getting busy while stretched out upon the linoleum to drop dead gorgeous Paola Rey orgasms with the help of a big purple dildo.

Customer Reviews - Screen Dreams


on December 10, 2013

loved watching it
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Really not for me...   

The Playful Couple on January 26, 2009

Being a fan of adult movies, and an avid fan of the female body, I thought this movie would be a great addition to my ever widening porn library. Though well put together, it simply isn't my kind of movie. It is a short movie comprised entirely of women masturbating. The whole runtime is just over 90 minutes, with each scene being dragged out by unnecessary slow camera pans, soft and slow scene changes, and somewhat sloppy camera special effects. I like to watch women servicing themselves, but it is just too artsy for my taste. The scenes and angles are edited very softly, with an overall feminine tone. I'm more a hot and in-your-face style porn fan. Most of the women featured in this film are pretty, but not too hot. Several of the camera angles are a bit out of place as well. There were several moments during the running of the move where I found myself saying "wow, now that was a bit much." For instance, there&#700;s one woman who obviously shaves here naughty parts bald, but was a few days overdue for a shave. This isn't a big deal for me usually, but the camera zoomed in close enough to count the hair follicles. The movie isn't 100% solo girl, as there is one short girl on girl scene. I do have to say though, the action is very soft, slow, and just too weak for what I like to see. Is it a bad movie? No, it is actually pretty well put together, and they did a great job of keeping a light tone for the whole movie. As my preference dictates I didn't care for it, I also must grade it down on the overall shortness of the scenes, slow pace and unappealing nature this movie has for me, an average porn viewer.. I personally will be giving this movie to one of my friends who is less opinionated. If you're into the solo girl thing, this movie may be for you.
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Just not for me   

The Joneses on January 15, 2009

This movie is like the blow job movies, composed strictly of female masturbation and nothing else. Watching girls masturbate is nice but there needs to be more included. After their “fake” orgasm, the movie just leaves you hanging. I would have enjoyed some penetration after the women got themselves off. The only scene I thought was worth viewing was the lesbian scene. Another benefit was that it has Silvia Saint and Jenna Haze in it before they were really famous. Unless you’re buying this exclusively to watch girls masturbate, I would recommend a different movie. ~The Joneses
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Ode to Joy...   

Genie's out of her Bottle... on November 30, 2008

Screen Dreams is a stylish film showcasing female masturbation. The production values are stunning. The use of shadow and light is beautiful, as well as the sets and lingerie. The background music is ‘neutral’, which is nice. From the setup menu you can ‘play all’ scenes or individually watch a girl’s scene and/or her slide show. The slide show is magnificent! The photographer’s shots are sequentially sexy, sensual, erotic, blistering hot! Some scenes are shorter than others and several women use vibrators. All the women are gorgeous and are quite talented! The scenes vary; light and teasing, fingering, toys, multiple orgasms I found the lesbian scene to be one of the hottest – would love to see more men copy their cunnilingus technique! Obviously, this DVD is geared toward male viewers. Being a woman who is comfortable with my body and masturbation, I definitely got turned on. This is a truly beautiful, tasteful compilation DVD.
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Nice Alone Time Stimulation   

Lovers from Texas on November 20, 2008

This DVD features 13 beautiful women dancing and stripping to a rhythmic melody. Then the real fun begins as they pleasure themselves. Some of the women use toys; some of them just use their fingers. Two of the women use each other. There is also a picture gallery for each of the women. Some of the scenes are longer and more intense than others depending on how much the girls get into the pleasure. The only bad thing I would say about this video, is that the dancing and stripping portion feels very much like a Playboy video. I did, however, find this to be great visual stimulation for a little alone time if you know what I mean.
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