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There are more than 500,000 touch points on your lover's body, and you can learn to stimulate all of them with this erotic massage book. Explore your lover's body through touch.

This generously illustrated book shows specific details of erotic massage of the back, feet, neck, face, genitals and more. Softcover. 112 pages.

Customer Reviews - Erotic Massage - The Touch of Love Book

The only book on erotic massage you will need   

Keeping Warm in Maine on April 30, 2010

This book is so good that over the course of a couple of years I have purchased three copies. The first was for us and the second two were gifts. This book takes you systematically through the art of erotic massage. It shows how to massage the whole body from head to toe. The illustrations are beautifully and tastefully done. They are detailed enough to show you how to do the strokes but not pornographic. The book starts out by telling you what you will need and give good meditation tips. It then moves on to tell you how to do a regular massage, hitting all of the non-erotic points. After it has covered the full body it details how to touch the main erogenous zones for maximum pleasure. It finishes by showing how to give a relaxing head massage. Add a little music and candles, relax, enjoy and don't forget the massage oil!
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