Slap & Tickle Beginners S&M Kit

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Slap & Tickle Beginners S&M Kit

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Sting, Tickle, or Buzz

If you enjoy a sizzling sting, a feather light tickle, or maybe some seductive dominance, you have everything you will need to push your boundaries. Experience the ultimate pleasure of oneo f the world’s fastest growing fantasies. Includes:

• Blindfold made from elegant satin with luzurious tie ribbons to tease and seduce
• RO-100mm Soft-Tip vibrating 3 speed bullet
• Feather tickler to excite your senses
• Wrist restraints that are exquisitely sexy
• Riding crop with leather spanking flap

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Rocks-Off Limited

Customer Reviews - Slap & Tickle Beginners S&M Kit

Something different   

on October 28, 2015

I read 50 shades of grey like everyone else and i wanted to try something different but not all that hard core kits.. Far too much for me at my age. I think you would call me a vanilla. I saw this and i decided to give it a go. I wasn't disappointed at all the blindfold is so cute and ties which is great (no elastic) the cuffs are easy slip on and off and are also very cute with a chain so you can break free or take them off if its not for you. (no safe word is needed here) The crap doesn't mark you which is nice and the tickler well tickles it heightened my buzz. Using everything was great and i am glad i bought this kit, you also get a small bullet vibrator which was wonderful. All in all this is great value for money and i loved trying something different. It is certainly a keeper in my bedroom. My husband also enjoyed being in charge so it has enhanced our sex life again for sure.
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