So Real 8" Realistic Dong

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So Real 8" Realistic Dong
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So Real 8" Realistic Dong Features

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The So Real 8" Dong is hand-crafted from a hefty, realistic material that warms up as you use it! The 2” thick shaft fills you up nicely. Features a suction base to hold your dildo in place for fun anytime, anywhere! The only limitation is your imagination! Use with water-based lubricant only.

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2 inches


8 inches


Suction Cup




P. Gopaldas Ltd.

Customer Reviews - So Real 8" Realistic Dong

CAUTION! Your Jaw May Hit The Floor!   

The Playful Couple on August 10, 2010

Do not underestimate the So Real 8". This thing is not for beginners. The head is much larger than any other dildo the misses has tried. It also has a wrinkly texture, like real skin, which adds a little to the experience. It is indeed 8" long, but that measurement includes the base and balls. Realistically, there are almost six insertable inches to be had, but these are six of the thickest inches you'll find on This dildo is about as big around as an old school can of Campbell's condensed soup. When the misses took it out of the package and held it in her hand, she was terrified to try it, but eventually she psyched herself up. She had to pre-stretch, like preparing to run a marathon, but it was necessary, and worth it. Achieving penetration was a feat in itself, and she had to ease it in slowly, being careful not to damage the goods. With all of the work getting it in there, we were both happy to see her reach climax quickly and with ferocity. I commended her performance, and she challenged me to try and take the whole thing too. Being very open and receptive to this sort of thing, I accepted. It was a lot of work, but Hot Damn, I liked it too. We both truly enjoyed the sensations the So Real 8" offers. It also works with O-ring strap-on harnesses, if you have a 2" ring. In trying to score it, we have to knock it down 1 point. A half point for the smell, we can smell it on our hands even after a good shower. Also another half point for the amount of preparation it takes to use it. It is truly a great toy, but not for rookies. Use lots of lube, and be very careful! We recommend it to anyone with enough experience and courage to safely take it on.
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