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Sinclair Institute Select® Crystal G Glass Wand

Item# 9007
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Price: $34.95
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Sinclair Institute Select® Crystal G Glass Wand
Better Sex Essentials® Liquid Personal Lubricant
Better Sex Essentials® Misting Toy Sanitizer
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Sinclair Institute Select® Crystal G Glass Wand $34.95
Better Sex Essentials® Liquid Personal Lubricant
Better Sex Essentials® Misting Toy Sanitizer $6.95

Sinclair Institute Select® Crystal G Glass Wand Features

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Elegant Glass For Your G-Spot

The Sinclair Institute Select® Crystal G is one of our most beautiful glass sex toys - and one of the most exciting! This sculptural, etched curve of shatterproof glass is perfectly designed to hit your G-spot for mind-blowing orgasms. No wonder the Sinclair Institute Select® Crystal G is a customer favorite.

• 100% borosilicate glass
• Delicate green etched leaf design
• Angled G-spot tip
• Compatible with all lubricants
• Ultra-hygienic and easy to clean
• 6" x 1.25"

There's a reason that glass is so prized as a sex toy material. Nothing else feels so frictionless and smooth, or so satisfying. The Crystal G is a piece of erotic art designed to thrill you every time you use it. The specially angled tip goes right for your G-spot, while the middle bulbs stimulate your labia. Use the larger bulb end as a handle for more control. Or, if you like, you can insert the bulb end first.

You'll love the look of this enchanting dildo, too: an elegant vine and leaf design in teal-green is etched permanently into the glass.

Glass gives you an incredible range of sensations. Use it at room temperature, chill it in the refrigerator or hold it under warm water for completely different feels. You can use glass without lube, but adding any water- or silicone-based lube gives you a super-slippery feel that you can experience with no other material. And this 100% borosilicate glass is specially tempered to be crackproof and shatterproof - with normal use it should last a lifetime.

The Crystal G is easy to keep clean and safe, since glass is non-porous. Just wash it with anti-bacterial soap and water, or use an antibacterial toy cleaner.

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Product Details

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1.25 inches




6 inches




Sinclair Institute

Customer Reviews - Sinclair Institute Select® Crystal G Glass Wand

A great dildo   

on February 5, 2014

Every woman needs this toy. The raised portions drive my wife nuts. She really gets wet, almost no lube needed. It is good sized, but not so big as to totally fill her up. That leaves room to move this one around inside to give her more pleasure
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Missterious on December 6, 2012

I just had this toy delivered to my house yesterday. After using it today I would be completely okay with someone destroying all of my other glass toys. This is a fantastic hitter! It hits your g-spot right on target and warms up fast to your body temperature. This is one toy that is sure to make you cum. The one downfall is the etched leaves on this gorgeous piece. After one use some of the leaves were rubbed off during use, other than that this product is great for a gift or anytime stress relief. It sure took the weight off of my shoulders after a long day at work!
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great toy   

honcho on August 11, 2012

first glass toy for my wife, she loves it
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Great Toy!   

webjunkie on February 7, 2011

I bought this as a surprise for my wife after reading the reviews. It more than lives up to its hype. For the price, it was a fabulous addition. With the two different shaped ends, it provides nice stimulation. She liked it and we have used it by itself and with other toys. Washes easily, and can be cooled or warmed up as desired. A super toy and a must have for all who like toys.
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What else can I say…I love it!   

The Pres. and Mrs. Bush on May 8, 2010

A couple years ago I would never used something made of glass. Now I prefer glass over anything else. It's astonishing to think how far the President and I have come in our ever expanding use of glass toys. The Crystal G is an aesthetically feminine marvel whose unique shape and design features combine with the traits I now love about glass to form an almost perfect pleasure tool. I love that it is hygienic, easily cleaned, can be warmed or cooled and then retains that temperature. It is durable (surprisingly often more so than our non-glass toys) and its ultra-smooth, non-porous surface needs only the slightest amount of lube for easy, pleasurable insertion. Yet even more notably, this work of art is also the perfect shape for my anatomy and found my G-Spot repeatedly with almost no effort. While the overall length is about 6 inches, measured along its curves, it is about 8-1/2 inches end-to-end. Its maximum diameter of about 1-1/4 inches is not quite as large as I would have liked but surprisingly still provided the filled feeling I enjoy while its bumps stroked my labia quite pleasingly. I'll be the first to admit that I am seriously into large, powerful, throbbing vibrators, but this piece of glass made me completely forget about vibration. In the last couple weeks, I've used it on myself more times than I want to admit and the President has used it on me too. We've inserted both ends and used it externally to stroke my labia and clitoris. What else can I say?…I love it!
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Better than table glassware   

Miss Kay on April 27, 2010

The Crystal G is absolutely gorgeous. Some of my other friends were here when I received it in the mail, and they're extremely jealous. It comes in a very protected box, so your glass toy definitely isn't going to break in the mail. The Crystal G glass wand is definitely made of some strong glass - cyberglass in fact - so it's one of the safe types of glass to use internally, so don't worry about it breaking. What makes this wand even more gorgeous is the green floral design that is etched onto the glass. It is applied to the outer surface, so it has a chance of flaking off, but after a couple uses and using my fingernails to attempt to get it to flake, it hasn't done so, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. This wand is also dual-ended. One side provides a smooth insertion of about three inches that's a little big bigger than the width of my finger. The other end has bulbs along its insertion side to provide some interesting texture during insertion. It has a little more width to it. The smooth side has a diameter of about 3/4 inches. The bulbed side has more around an inch diameter. Both are comfortable diameters for insertion. Both ends also have curves in them to reach the g-spot - and both ends do that quite nicely. The bulbed end is much more filling when inserted, but the smooth end is a little more comfortable to insert - plus, when using the smooth end as the inserted side, the bulbed end provides a really great handle for holding - even if your hand is lubricated. Glass toy means that this can work with temperature play too. Put it in warm water or refrigerators, and it will take on that temperature. Avoid extreme temperatures though. It holds temperature really great, and it adds a whole new dynamic to your sex toy play. Very little lubrication will be needed to play with it and all lubricant types are safe to use with it too. Overall, this is highly recommended. It's pleasurable AND beautiful!
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My elegant 'mermaid'   

Genie's out of her Bottle... on April 27, 2010

'Crystal G' is an ultra feminine, clear tempered glass toy with an angled curved designed for G-spot pleasure. It feels sturdy and is lighter than other glass toys I own. At six inches Crystal G is easy to maneuver. The wider side has three spheres and the other side is long and tapers, the width of several fingers. "Crystal G's Cyberglass™ Wand" is sensually smooth, with the lovely light teal 'Sinclair Institute' logo on the top. Additional swirled teal colored leaf patterns wrap around the length of the wand. There are no batteries to deal with, the noise level is up to you ; ). No odor, and vaginal friction is completely controlled by hand. I didn't need lube working with this toy. I had enormous internal stimulation with this toy. Both sides offered equal but different sensations. I prefer warm over cold touch and running hot water over the glass for less than a minute transferred the temperature quickly. And raised mine…I used one of several bullet vibes I have, for external clitoral stimulation at the same time. I love the feel of glass against my skin and vaginally it's incredible! I cleaned this wand with hot soapy water or antibacterial toy cleaner. This is my new favorite foreplay and 'in combination' toy.
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Feels as great as it looks   

SxyAzian on April 25, 2010

It feels as great as it looks. I needed only a little lube for the glass wand. I am new to the glass toy and found it very pleasurable. The curved wand is excellent for hitting your g spot. Hence the name "g" glass wand. The size was perfect for me 6 inches in length and a width of 1 ¼ inches. Since it is a thinner toy it really emphasis on the g spot. The size and rounded tip made it easy for insertion. I would recommend this for first timers. I have the sister glass The Sinclair Onyx glass wand, which I used with my G glass wand. The anal and vaginal stimulation was more than enough pleasure. My husband Loved the clear visual of the G glass wand, which he said made for an awesome view. Since it is glass it does adjust to your body temperature. You can also use warm or cool water. Whatever your preference is. It wouldn't hurt to have it just a little bit thicker but all in all it was great
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Beautiful in form, exquisite in function   

Mr. and Mrs. Southern Comfort on April 18, 2010

The Crystal G is, like its boy-toy cousin the Onyx, the most beautiful dildo I have ever seen. As its name suggests, it is made from crystal clear glass. However, it is the vine decoration that is etched in green and wrapped around its length that makes it absolutely stunning. Looks aren't everything, though. The Crystal G is very thoughtfully designed to give a woman intense pleasure. The insertable shaft is nearly identical in size to my index finger. This allowed me to know exactly how best to stimulate Mrs. SoCo's G-spot. The bumpy handle made it very easy to hold onto even with a lot of lube on my hands and the Crystal G. Some clitoral play and the direct G-spot stimulation that the Crystal G provided and Mrs. SoCo had a fantastic orgasm. Because it is as thin as it is, the Crytal G does not provide a feeling of fullness. It does, however, serve great as a tireless finger. Because it is glass it also is perfectly suited to playing with the sensations of hot and cold. This is a great companion to the Onyx. We give this a full 5 hearts.
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A variety of sensations!   

Staffer on April 12, 2010

Crystal G Glass Wand provides a variety of sensations. Make it cold or hot or just let it warm up to your body temperature. The different temperature sensations make this a great toy to use at the beginning, middle or toward the end of love making. Little to no lube was needed. The angled tip, length and weight were perfect. It is very light and not overwhelming as I have had with other glass toys. The curve shape is just right for the G spot. Clean up is easy! Just use soap and water. Or, you can just pop it in the dishwasher. I even dropped this in the chips or breaks. Love the elegant artwork on the glass. Great addition to my collection. It is fun alone or with your partner.
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