Verve Vibrating Prostate Massager

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Verve Vibrating Prostate Massager
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Verve Vibrating Prostate Massager  
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Verve Vibrating Prostate Massager

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Treat yourself to the ultimate male climax!

The powerful multi-speed vibrator delivers intense, focused prostate stimulation through the specially angled tip. Also, anatomically designed to naturally curve with your body for comfortable insertion and full penetration. Complete with a long handle and twist base controller allows for safe and effortless operation!

• Made from soft and durable ABS
• Easy grip handle for a firmer hold
• Multi-speed vibrator adds a tantalizing effect
• Rounded head for smooth insertion
• Curved for P-spot stimulation that'll drive you wild
• Unique shape creates a stunning sensation
• Requires 2 AA batteries, sold separately

This sex toy is compatible with water-based lubes. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the sex toy with mild soap and water or try a sex toy cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this sex toy separately from other sex toys.

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1.3 inches


ABS Thermoplastic


8 inches






Sinclair Select®


Disguised, Travel Size

Power Source:

Replaceable Battery

Control Type:

Knob Control







Customer Reviews - Verve Vibrating Prostate Massager

5 Star Pleasure   

Julie on December 14, 2015

It all started when my BF Gail told me I had to get a Verve made by Sinclair Institute when we first talked about toys and prostate massagers. We both buy the toys to use on our guys and they buy the toys to use on us with maximum pleasure as our goal. This Verve is five stars or more. Hubby and I usually start with a 69 and I’m on top slowly and playfully working on his butt with the Verve and my mouth on, well you know. He often uses the same toy on me (the Lilac one for me, the black one for him) after some oral play to get my g-spot warmed up. The Verve can really get our motors going as the vibrations are strong and we take our time. I can feel the vibrations on my g-spot when it’s up my butt as hubby has perfected his technique to a science. He can lick me while putting the Verve right on target and I often enjoy several super powerful screaming BIG O’s. then we switch and he’s on top and I now have both hands to turn on the vibrator function while working the Verve in and out rubbing his prostate, sometimes slowly, then vary the in and out speed. His moaning signals his pleasure as my head is able to bob up and down and the Verve drives his prostate crazy. This toy milks his prostate with the milky-white-prostate juice flowing freely, still not shooting his huge load yet. Prostate health is important and I want my hubby around for years to cum. We have other toys but this one creates much hotter fires in him and off the charts pleasure too, for both of us. After we’ve worked each other over for about an hour, he then shoots his creamy load, now much stronger after using the Verve, giving me 1/3 to almost ½ cup of his creamy warm nectar. I now often have to swallow at least twice. When he shoots, that’s my signal to very quickly work the Verve in and out of his ass massaging that P-spot.. I wish the handle was a bit longer, we made a small scratch on one spot to tell us the orientation of the curve (minor issue) but this is a must have girls if you want to light a 3 alarm fire in him, and in you. This will quickly become your favorite toy to use on him and as always, take your time and use plenty of lube. Five stars for sure!! Julie in Vegas
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powerful vibes, amazing feeling   

canuckcouple on December 28, 2014

I purchased this prostate massager as the others I own do not vibrate. WOW. What a difference. A little teasing on the anus to start and plenty of lube and it was off to the races. If you are new to anal play or prostate massage you may need to work up to this one due to its girth. It's a little louder than I expected but quieter once inserted. Your orgasm is amazing using this toy.
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