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Dual Locking Suction Handle

Item #5435
In Stock
Our Price: $17.99

Dual Locking Suction Handle

Makes Sex In The Shower Safer

Get a little leverage for steamy sex in the shower with this locking handle, and hang on for safer sex! The Dual Locking Suction Handle attaches itself to the shower wall to make your positions easier and let you play more safely.

• Attaches to any flat surface
• 2 strong suction cups lock in place
• Provides stability in the shower
• Safely try new shower sex positions
• Strong high-density plastic

If you love hot, wet sex in the shower, but you want to avoid slipping, you need the Dual Locking Suction Handle. It lets you have wet and wild sex while helping you keep your balance, no matter what position you're in.

The Dual Locking Handle gives you a firm hold, no matter how the action heats up. It has 2 strong lockdown suction cups that really grip the walls of the shower, tub, glass, tiles (at least 4" across) or most other flat, smooth surfaces. You'll get more stability for positions like standing doggy, standing missionary and oral sex. And you can easily and safely try new positions without worrying about slipping.

The 12" handle's inner grip measures 5" and sticks out 3.25", large enough to comfortably fit even large hands.

Here's how it works: make sure the two locks are pointing up in the "open" position. Moisten the outer edges of the suction cups and press the handle firmly against the shower wall. Press down on the locks until they sit flush with the handle, to lock the suction cups in place with a strong vacuum seal. When playtime's over, press on the edge of the locks and lightly tug on the tabs at the edge of the cups to break the seal. Or, if you like, leave the Dual Locking Suction Handle in the shower - it looks just like a regular shower handle, not like a sex toy.

For even more safe and stable fun, try the Dual Locking Suction Handle combined with the matching Single Locking Footrest, Suction Handcuffs, or get the handle and footrest together in our Sex In The Shower Kit.

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Brand: Sex In The Shower
Colors: White
Material: ABS (firm non-porous plastic)