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Sex in the Shower Dual Handles & Footrest Kit

Item# 5500
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Sex in the Shower Dual Handles & Footrest Kit Features

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Searching for that perfect shower sex position but falling short? The Sex in the Shower Dual Handles and Footrest Kit make the perfect combination to achieve any sex position you can imagine. This great kit from the Sex in the Shower™ line features two Single Locking Suction Handles along with the Single Locking Footrest. Small and easily portable. The two handles provide a greater stretch and thrusting capacity for those steamy shower sex scenes. Paired with the Single Locking Foot Rest that is designed to provide an optimal angle of penetration for shower sex, to add that extra leverage for even steamier shower sex! 

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ABS Thermoplastic




Sex In The Shower

Customer Reviews - Sex in the Shower Dual Handles & Footrest Kit

Get Wet and Wild!   

Mr. and Mrs. Allure on February 5, 2010

The Dual Handles and Footrest Kit by Sex in the Shower is a fun kit that, at the very least, gets you and your lover in the shower for some steamy sex. As the name suggests, this kit comes with two handles and a single footrest. Each piece is made of a hard, durable plastic. Each also has a very easy locking suction cup. The handles have a decent size suction cup that pretty much attached to any position that we tried it. Although they are not designed for the full body weight, they can definitely handle quite a bit of pull. Because of the locking/unlocking mechanism of the handles, they could be easily moved to a new position without losing any vigor. The problem we did have was with the footrest. The suction cup on the footrest (4 ½”) is bigger than the suction cups on the handles and would not stick to the tiles in our shower which are 4” square. The grooves would not allow for proper suction. The footrest would attach to the glass door, but you can imagine what kind of trouble that presented. The handles get 5 hearts but the footrest, only 3.
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Hot and steamy   

Beeman on December 29, 2009

At first I wasn't sure how well the suction would work in my shower since I have a plastic covering on the wall. I was pleasantly surprised though that it worked quite well. The handles are top-notch and provide very study grips to pull against or support yourself on. They never slipped off once. The footrest was ok, I wish it had as good of suction as the handles, but at least it was usable. On other normal shower surfaces it probably works better, but in my shower if any weight at all was put on it, it had a chance of popping off. Once we got her supporting her weight on the handles rather than resting any weight on the footrest, things worked great, and she was in a perfect position for some hot steamy shower sex. This product is also great because it can be left in the shower and none will be the wiser about its true use. Highly recommended.
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Steamed Up Our Shower   

Better Sex Staff on August 6, 2009

I LOVE this kit! The Dual Handles and Footrest Kit has achieved the perfect shower position for my husband and I. I usually throw in the Dual Locking Handle to stay more steady when we're really excited. I use the handle and the footrest to achieve that perfect position for him to hit my G spot from behind while he uses the pair of Single Locking Handles to get a good rhythm. Wow...what more can I say? Highly recommend.
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