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Sex in the Shower Handle Kit

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Sex in the Shower Handle Kit Features

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Why get just one handle when two give you the thrusting power and positioning you crave? The Sex in the Shower Handle Kit includes two single locking suction handles for greater stretch and thrusting capacity for those steamy shower sex scenes.  The Single Locking Suction Handle from the Sex in the Shower™ line is the perfect starter handle or grip. Small and easily portable, and sticks to any flat surface.Total Value of kit is $34.

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Sex In The Shower



Customer Reviews - Sex in the Shower Handle Kit

Added Confidence   

on February 14, 2013

THE BEST!! Worried about slipping and hurting yourself? Not with these...perfect, easy to use and easy adjusts in a second to change positions. Able to do things bever thought possible....great item
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The perfect temporary tie points   

The Pres. and Mrs. Bush on August 29, 2009

A few months ago we threw inhibition to the wind and stepped outside our comfort zone to try some light bondage with “Twisted Love Ties.” However, the posts of our king-sized bed are so far apart that our experimentation was limited to just one position. We wished for something that would allow us to create temporary, easily changeable tie points to accommodate the First Lady’s 5’2” span or my 6’2” span. Although these locking suction handles are from “Sex in the Shower,” we had plans for them outside the bathroom. They easily attached to our headboard and footboard and then released and reattached over and over again without marring the finish. They provided perfectly positioned tie-points for each variation of our enhanced experimentation. The split handle lock/unlock mechanism is pure genius and delivers the ideal leverage for quick and secure attachment to any flat surface. They are easy to release intentionally yet almost impossible to release accidentally. The suction rubber is thick and durable and I expect it will withstand repeated use with just the occasional wipe with a lint-free damp cloth. This is a fabulous product with limitless variations for use.
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Intended for use in pairs   

Better Sex Staff on August 6, 2009

If you buy the Single Locking Handle, it's only a matter of time before you'll need a second handle. Trust me on this. These are meant to be used in a pair. Why? Well, our favorite use for them is to give me husband some real thrust. No matter your sex position preference for shower sex, 9 times out of 10 he's going to have to grab onto your waist or something to keep a good rhythm. With these he's more slipping and sliding around (in the bad way). Plus we've found uses for them elsewhere...any flat surface will work. Ingenious!
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