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Single Locking Foot Rest

Item #5434
In Stock
Our Price: $17.99

Single Locking Foot Rest

Keep Your Footing In The Shower

Make sex in the shower sexier - and safer! - with this locking suction foot rest that puts you in the perfect position for more wet fun!

• More support at the correct angle for standing positions
• Attaches to any flat surface
• Strong suction cup locks in place
• Provides stability in the shower
• Strong high-density plastic

The Single Locking Suction Foot Rest from the Sex In The Shower™ line is designed to give you a "leg up" for better sex! It makes it easier for you to get into the right position and hold it longer, with better balance.

No matter what position you're in, you'll get the best angle of penetration with this foot rest. No more trying to hold your leg or foot up with no support, which can lead to slipping or falling. You'll get more stability for positions like standing doggy or standing missionary, and you can easily and safely try new positions as your imagination moves you.

Just position the foot rest where you want it on the shower wall, tub wall, tiles (at least 4" across), glass or any smooth surface. Easily flip the locking tab and the foot rest stays in place with strong suction. Full instructions are included.

For the best results, pair the Single Locking Suction Foot Rest with the Dual or Single Locking Suction Handles for increased leverage.

**This product is a sex position aid and not intended to hold full body weight.

Not Eligible for Discounts Greater than 25%

Brand: Sex In The Shower
Colors: White
Material: ABS (firm non-porous plastic)