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Better Sex Video Series & Liberator Shapes Wedge

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Better Sex Video Series & Liberator Shapes Wedge Features

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"The G Spot, the clitoris, and other sensitive areas in the vagina, all have the potential to be stimulated by intercourse. Of course, in order to maximize stimulation of the woman’s own most sensitive areas, care should be taken to choose sexual positions." *ONLY SHIPS TO LOWER 48 STATES. *Cannot be shipped overnight or 2-day; ships UPS ground only

The Liberator Shapes Wedge, featured in both Volumes 1 and 2 help couples acheive maximum pleasure and the best way to reach all sensitive spots during lovemaking. Shape boxed separately to ensure safe delivery.

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Better Sex Video Series:
Introducing the All-New Better Sex Video Series: Sexplorations.® Discover the rewards of great sex. Real couples and sexuality experts take you on an erotic, three-volume journey to enhanced intimacy.


Liberator Shapes Wedge = use link to read customer reviews
No flat pillow can lift and tilt you like the Wedge - great for G-spot action! Liberator Wedge is portable, firm and won't flatten or stain. Offers deeper penetrations, increased access and surprising new sensations. It's a great "booster" for oral sex too! If you can only own one Shape - this is it!

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Sinclair Institute, Liberator

Customer Reviews - Better Sex Video Series & Liberator Shapes Wedge

This kit will ignite your passion!   

The Playful Couple on January 26, 2009

First I must say, WOW. For something as simplistic as a foam wedge shaped pillow, I didn't expect these results. The liberator wedge is incredible. It is small enough to stash in a small closet, but big enough to make a huge difference in the bedroom. The wedge is made from a high density, soft-yet-firm foam. It supports the body, and soft enough to remain comfortable. It really can't be used to do much more than slightly prop the head or hips. It makes doggie much more comfortable. It relieves tension on the knees and hips and helps to position the desired openings at the desired angle. The Liberator comes with several sleeves. The inner most sleeve is a simple black nylon zip-up case. The next layer is a soft, plush microfiber blue zip-up case. It also has a black nylon carrying and storage case with a handle. It is convenient, easy to use and store, simple to clean (just clean the case), and fun to incorporate into your sexplay. This kit also includes the Better Sex video series. These DVD's are very useful. They cover everything from a simple how-to for anal play, to the functionality of sex toys for couples. If you have questions about the use and application of certain facets of healthy sexual activities, the Bettersex videos series pretty much covers it. They do not get into specifics or the more intricate fetishes or kinks, but they do touch on many of the ideal sexual scenarios that may be a discussion topic for most couples (i.e. role-playing, anal sex, masturbation, the prostate, lingerie, sex toys, etc...). My wife and I didn't look too deeply into two of the videos however. We breezed through the two DVD's that target couples in their 40's and 50's. We aren't quite 30, so the subjects discussed weren't really applicable. If I had to find a flaw in this whole package, I'd have to say that it resides in the pace of the DVD's. As they play through, they are divided into specific chapters, like a sex book, but the pace goes from information and instruction to a few minutes of normal couples engaging in semi-hardcore sex. That being said, the videos aren't by any means hardcore porn, but more like a visual aid to help people who might prefer to see things happen, instead of being told how to do them. We found this kit to be an incredibly informative, educational, erotic, and helpful aid to our sex life. I would recommend this kit to any couple who enjoys good, passionate sex. I simply can't say enough how great these items are, especially if you use all that apply to your relationship.
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