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Liberator Cradle

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Liberator Cradle
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Liberator Cradle
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Sizzle! Toys for Better Sex

Liberator Cradle Features

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Comfortable Sex Even During Pregnancy

Have better, more comfortable sex even during pregnancy with the Liberator Cradle cushion! Pregnant women and overweight couples will love the added support they'll enjoy, making almost any position easier.

• Relieves pressure on the abdomen
• "Wedge" shape for more support
• Dense foam construction
• Removable microfiber cover

The Liberator line of sex props has been a BetterSex customer favorite, providing better support, comfort and sexual creativity to thousands of happy lovers. Now BetterSex is proud to bring you the Liberator Cradle - and it's only available here!

The Cradle's wedge shape gives you firm support and elevation as it lifts you to the perfect angle for better, deeper penetration - even during pregnancy. The Cradle takes the pressure off your abdomen so you can go longer and in more comfort in almost any position without experiencing "position fatigue." And you'll love what it does for rear entry and doggy-style sex! You'll also love experimenting with new and different positions - let the unique shape and support of the Cradle inspire you!

The Cradle is made of dense core foam covered in a removable moisture-resistant barrier, so you can use your favorite lubricants, lotions and massage oils with complete confidence. The removable tan cover is made of lush microfiber that feels velvety soft against your bare skin, and it's completely machine washable so it stays looking fresh.

Dimensions are 16" long x 18" wide, with a height tapering from 5" to 9".

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Dense core foam




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