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Liberator Shapes Wedge

Item# 2572
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Price: $100.00
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Liberator Shapes Wedge Features

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Lifts And Tilts For Better Sex!

Forget propping yourself or your partner on pillows that shift or flatten! The firm, dense-core Liberator Wedge dependably positions you at the perfect angle for better sex, no matter what sexual activity you prefer. It's like getting a custom sex bed without the expense. *ONLY SHIPS TO LOWER 48 STATES; SHIPS UPS GROUND ONLY.
The Liberator Wedge enhances any sex position – lets you try new ones and makes your favorites all the more fun. It's a dense foam pillow sex prop that raises your body up off the bed for better angles, no matter what position you're in.
The Liberator gives you extra height, making your partner's penis feel larger and penetrate more deeply with every thrust. The specially-designed 7" incline makes it easier to hit the G-spot or the prostate for increased sensations and incredible orgasms. And you can forget "position fatigue" -- the Liberator wedge supports and relaxes you so you can go much longer, even during oral sex for either partner. You'll achieve deeper, more accurate penetration, thrilling your partner's "hot spots" like never before.
You can also use it alone for solo play, getting a better, more comfortable angle for all your sex toys.
The Liberator wedge sex toy is engineered of dense core foam, so that it never flattens and always provides you with reliable, comfortable support. Removable, stain-resistant nylon and plush velour dual covers are washable for easy cleaning.
The Liberator Shapes Wedge measures 24" long x 12" wide x 7" incline. Once you try the Liberator Wedge, you'll see how much more comfortable and adventurous sex can be!

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Position Aids for BetterSex®!


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24 inches


7 inches





Customer Reviews - Liberator Shapes Wedge

Angles, angles and more angles.   

Jollyman on December 11, 2009

If you have ever needed a little variation and some additional comfort to some of the positions that we all hold dear this device is exactly what you need. The Wedge provides the extra support the you need for great rear entry and easier access for great oral for him or her. Once you use the Wedge you will never use pillows again. Be as creative as you want. I strongly recommend that you use it with the Ramp and really increase your repertoire.
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If you only buy one Liberator...   

Better Sex Staff on September 10, 2009

...the Liberator Wedge is the one to get. While I highly recommend getting the Liberator Combo for the value and savings, if you don't have the room for the larger shape or the money to spend; the Wedge is the perfect solution. The Liberator Wedge is great for enhancing a lot of traditional sex positions like the butterfly or missionary. The Wedge will angle her hips for better G spot stimulation. It has a soft outer skin that is comfy and removable for easy cleanup. Liberator also includes a zippered, handled storage bag to protect your investment. I highly recommend the Liberator Wedge to take your sex from ordinary to extraordinary.
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***Buzz Member Highlight   

Buzz Team Admin on June 15, 2009

I already owned the Ramp which I thought was a must have for every collection of sex toys-So I really wanted to try the wedge. It's very different from the Ramp. It's much smaller in size, but still offers great placement. The Liberator Wedge just gives me that little bit of lift and puts me in just the right place. I enjoyed it most while my hubby treated me to a little oral sex. It's also perfect for leaning over the edge of my bed. My Hubby and I have an 11 inch difference in height and I always need a lift to reach him. I highly recommend the Liberator Wedge and can't wait to try it as a combo.
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Everything that it is advertised as!!!!!!!!   

The Royal Couple on March 23, 2009

This wedge was absolutely incredible and fit the billing that it was advertised as. The wedge is very durable and not too big, or small, to use in many positions. CREATIVITY IS KEY..... We used this wedge in every way imagineable. It gave incredibly access to the G Spot and offered the durability and stability that a pillow never could. Another great part of this shipment was the little guide to positioning provided. We used those displayed and came up with a whole bunch of our own. We are looking forward to adding the other pieces that come with the collection.
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Easy to Hide, Easier to Ride   

Forever in Love on September 5, 2008

The Liberator Wedge is a perfect shape and size! Use it in missionary, reverse missionary or women-on-top to help you find that O so right spot for both of you by raising the hips of one of the partners to provide for a new and exciting alignment of your bodies. And, the Wedge can be used with either side up (different angles) and with the slope pointing different directions (toward or away from your head) to provide you with variety and allow you to find what works best for you. And, the Wedge is great to provide your belly a little extra support for side entry positions during pregnancy. Finally, the Wedge has a fully removable cover which is washable so we’re not afraid to get it messy! And, if you like the Wedge, you might also look at the Ramp as well which is a perfect compliment to give you even more variety (we did)!
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Ordinary to Extraordinary   

Mr & Mrs. L on September 7, 2007

My husband and I bought the Wedge/Ramp combo a couple years ago. This is a GREAT product. The positions guide that comes with it is very informative, the foam material is very comfortable and supportive and the covers are very soft, removable and machine washable making it easy to keep the product like new. We splurged and bought the Black Label version which comes with a blindfold, ankle/wrist cuffs and straps. Never a dull moment in our bedroom. It takes ordinary positions to EXTRAORDINARY!
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Bedroom boring?? Not anymore!!!   

on July 24, 2007

We picked this up about a year ago and although it doesn't come out for every adventure we still love it. This will let you go deeper into her then ever before. The sex position book that comes with it will give you all kinds of ideas. This small little wedge will reignite your sex life!!
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