Liberator Shapes Wedge

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Liberator Shapes Wedge Features

Lifts And Tilts For Better Sex!

Forget propping yourself or your partner on pillows that shift or flatten! The firm, dense-core Liberator Wedge dependably positions you at the perfect angle for better sex, no matter what sexual activity you prefer. It's like getting a custom sex bed without the expense.

The Liberator Wedge enhances any sex position – lets you try new ones and makes your favorites all the more fun. It's a dense foam pillow sex prop that raises your body up off the bed for better angles, no matter what position you're in.

The Liberator gives you extra height for deeper penetration with every thrust. The specially-designed 7" incline makes it easier to hit the G-spot or the prostate for increased sensations and incredible orgasms. And you can forget "position fatigue" -- the Liberator wedge supports and relaxes you so you can go much longer, even during oral sex for either partner. You'll achieve deeper, more accurate penetration, thrilling your partner's "hot spots" like never before.

You can also use it alone for solo play, getting a better, more comfortable angle for all your sex toys.

The Liberator wedge sex toy is engineered of dense core foam, so that it never flattens and always provides you with reliable, comfortable support. Removable, stain-resistant nylon and plush velour dual covers are washable for easy cleaning.

The Liberator Shapes Wedge measures 24" long x 12" wide x 7" incline. Once you try the Liberator Wedge, you'll see how much more comfortable and adventurous sex can be!


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