Liberator Spoon

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Liberator Spoon Features

Sexier Spooning Even During Pregnancy!

Make the spoon position more comfortable and improve accessibility and penetration with the Liberator Spoon. This uniquely shaped cushion supports you and relieves pressure on the abdomen, even during the final stages of pregnancy.

  • Relieves pressure on the abdomen
  • Dense foam construction for firm support
  • Removable, washable microfiber cover
  • Moisture-resistant inner liner
  • 40" long x 18" wide

The Liberator line of sex props has been a Better Sex customer favorite, providing better support, comfort and sexual creativity to thousands of happy lovers. Now Better Sex is proud to bring you the Liberator Spoon - and it's only available here!

The Spoon gives you firm support and increased comfort in the spoon position, lifting you to the perfect angle for deeper, better penetration, even during the last stages of pregnancy. This curved design takes the pressure and stress off your abdomen so you can go longer without experiencing "position fatigue."

Lying back to front, just slide one leg over the lower portion of the Spoon to elevate and open the hips to your partner. You'll find it a lot easier to experiment with more sex positions in complete comfort!

The Spoon is made of dense core foam covered in a removable moisture-resistant barrier, so you can use your favorite lubricants, lotions and massage oils with complete confidence. The removable tan cover is made of lush microfiber that feels velvety soft against your bare skin, and it's completely machine washable so it stays looking fresh and gets softer with every wash.

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