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Sex in the Shower Handle & Footrest Kit

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Sex in the Shower Handle & Footrest Kit
BetterSex Essentials® Silicone Personal Lubricant
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Sex in the Shower Handle & Footrest Kit
BetterSex Essentials® Silicone Personal Lubricant

Sex in the Shower Handle & Footrest Kit Features

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Steamy Sex In The Shower™ - Safely

If you love sex in the shower, you need this kit! The handle and footrest makes your positions easier and lets you play with more safety.

• Dual Locking Handle
• Single Suction Footrest
• Installs and removes easily

Sex in the shower should be hot and steamy, but things can get a little too slippery for safety. The Sex In The Shower™ Handle And Footrest Kit lets you get into your favorite positions more securely and less complicated.

Attach the Dual Locking Suction Handle to the wall and hang on for more stability while you play. It features a large handle with two strong lockdown suction cups that resist slipping. You'll get a firm hold, no matter how the action heats up.

The Single Suction Foot Rest gives you instant leverage while providing the perfect angle for more effective penetration during shower sex.

With the Sex In The Shower™ Kit, you can enjoy hot, steamy sex with enough leverage and security to hold your favorite positions longer and more comfortably. And when the fun's over, the handle and footrest are easy to remove. They're great for glass, tile or fiberglass walls.

And here's a hint: for sex that stays slippery in water, try using a high-quality silicone lube like those available from Better Sex.

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Sex In The Shower

Customer Reviews - Sex in the Shower Handle & Footrest Kit


on July 18, 2013

works as described
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Good, but only for balance.   

Webjunkie on February 19, 2011

We bought the combo package for several reasons. The handle provides good gripping, and the foot rest is great for balance. But take note, the foot rest does not allow you to put any significant part of your weight on it. Its a balance aid and just that. If not properly attached, such as on a wet tile, it will slip and slide a bit. We find the handle stays put, but the step less so. It may be due that we leave ours up all the time. They do not attract much attention as they are multi-functional. We gave them the college try the first time, and they were nice, but lately she uses them mainly when shaving her legs (which is a suggested use in the instructions!). Overall, they work well, as long as its for balance, and you can keep them up on standby, but re-set them regularly.
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Hot, Wet and Steamy, but not Slippery   

Mr. &amp; Mrs. Goodlovin on March 13, 2010

The Sex in the Shower Kit has done something amazing. It has made sex in the shower for Mrs. Goodlovin and me, not only possible, but incredibly fun. Sex in the shower never worked for us. I am 6' and Mrs. Goodlovin is 5'2". You can imagine the…frustrations…as well as the potential for serious injury. Wanting to avoid the embarrassing, yet inevitable, ambulance call, we simply avoided sex in the shower all together. The Sex in the Shower Kit attached easily and very securely to our shower wall. It looks like it works best on glass, fiberglass or smooth tile. I cannot say how well these attachments suction to unevenly textured tile or across grout lines. Just press the handle or footrest to the wall, lock in place, and hang on. We have some Essentials silicone lube ready for just such an occasion (do NOT accidentally grab this bottle instead of your shampoo the next morning!). We actually found the grip to be strong enough that it was difficult to remove from the shower later. But we would much rather have it stick too much than not enough. The Sex in the Shower Kit is a great product that we would recommend to anyone.
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Couples Showers made wetter and wilder!   

Ms Diva on September 27, 2009

We love our new Sex in the Shower Handle and Footrest Kit as it is providing us with many more positions and adventures to explore in the shower. The large handle has superior suction and locking to most surfaces. We tried it on our shower tile wall along with the locking footrest that also has great suction. Both release easily when you are through. We felt much more secure in our positions with the shower kit while lessening any of the slip and slide that goes with shower play. I was able to get a leg up, with the footrest that allowed my man to penetrate me at whole new angles in the shower. I liked being able to hold onto the handle with one hand during our shower adventures instead of just place my palm against the wall as my other hand held onto my man. The handle and footrest gave us great leverage and we were able to hold positions longer with more comfort. I recommend this kit to anyone who love taking couples showers as much as we do, it is great to get wet together in more ways then one. Five Hearts! Ms Diva
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Perfect Starter Kit   

Better Sex Staff on August 6, 2009

Crave steamy shower sex without slipping and sliding around (in the bad way)? I would highly recommend this great starter kit from the Sex in the Shower line. The Single Locking Footrest and Dual Locking Handle can be used in conjunction to achieve some amazing sex positions in a usually uncomfortable arena...the shower. Before this kit, my husband and I pretty much settled for standing doggie style or oral sex in the shower. While enjoyable, our variety was limited because we didn't want to harm ourselves in the process. With this shower sex kit, I no longer have to worry about that. We've been able to achieve all those fav positions that we were never able to before. This is a must have for anyone that enjoys great shower sex.
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