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Sex Stool

Try New Positions With Less Strain!


Take the strain completely off your thighs, knees and back and enjoy moves you never thought possible. The Sex Stool opens up worlds of sexual possibilities as you enjoy erotic adventures with more comfort than ever before.


• Relieves strain
• High-strength split seat
• Tubular steel frame
• Holds up to 300 pounds
• Dimensions: 15.5" across the top, 17" wide, 15" tall, overall length is 24"


Enjoy weightless sex, bounce up and down on your partner, and try all those positions you've only dreamed about. It's all possible with the Sex Stool, the revolutionary sex furniture that takes your love play to new heights.


Just straddle comfortably on this split-seat stool and take the weight off your thighs and knees while your partner lies beneath. The opening in the seat's center allows you and your partner to get closer and go deeper than ever before for maximum penetration and ultimate pleasure. The Sex Stool lets you be creative, exploring new techniques and moves limited only by your imagination.


The split seat is made of high-strength clear TPU material that stays flexible and is easy to clean. It's built on a heavy-duty tubular steel frame made for durability and strength, and holds up to 300 pounds securely.


The Sex Stool is easy to put together and stores discreetly, but if you don't want to take it down, the design can easily pass as a normal bedroom stool. It arrives fully assembled and ready for love.


The Sex Stool comes with illustrations and suggestions for use, but you'll really enjoy coming up with your own sexual variations.

Brand: Pipedream
Colors: Black
Material: Plastic, Metal