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Fantasy & Romance Adult Sex Game

Item# 1921
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Price: $19.95
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Fantasy & Romance Adult Sex Game Features

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Good, dirty, fun!

Cast the die, move your playing piece and perform whatever naughty and nice task the board indicates - choose an article of clothing your lover must remove, warm your hands on the inside of your lover's thighs, lick your lover's left nipple for 30 seconds - and it gets better! There are no losers in this lively lover's game. You get game board, die, playing pieces, impulse cards and complete instructions. Snuggle up and play Fantasy and Romance.

Adult Games for BetterSex®!

Customer Reviews - Fantasy & Romance Adult Sex Game

Two thumbs down   

on October 23, 2009

My wife and I were looking for a fun game to start the night off. This is a strip game, but we never got our clothes off. It is very slow, but fun when you get a good car. We were drinking wine and drank the entire bottle before the the game was done. We finally put the game aside and put on a video instead. I would not recommend this to anybody, unless you want fun with your clothing on.
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Playful foreplay   

HSSweethearts on March 11, 2009

Fantasy and Romance is a great “kick start” game for those nights that you are in the mood (or want to be) and you want more than a quickie, but you just don’t have the creativity to figure something out. With a couple’s busy schedule, sometimes it is hard to slow down and truly enjoy foreplay and all the fun that comes with it. This game is designed to help with that. The game’s impulse cards have creative acts that will tease and tickle your interest and desire. With directions as tame as kissing your partner’s earlobe for 30 seconds to a bit more interesting like massaging their abdomen WITH YOUR NOSE for a full minute, this is bound to get you moving in the right direction. Set your own winner reward and there will be no losers. This is a fun and reusable game that I would highly recommend for a slow and enjoyable evening of foreplay.
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Great as a sexy drinking game!   

Stuart & Shelley on September 3, 2007

This game worked out really well for us. We were looking for a game we could turn into a sexy drinking game and this did the trick. The game comes with a fold-out 1.5 x 1.5’ playing board, a die, two figurines and ten “coins”. The object is to get three of your coins in the Fountain of Love in the middle of the board. Of course, to get there you have to move your figurine along the board and do whatever seductive activity each square tells you, so we never got that far…. My favorite feature was the Impulse Cards. The game comes with 36 Impulse Cards, which are analogous to Chance Cards in Monopoly. Except, of course, the activities described on these cards are way much more fun than winning the beauty contest and getting $50 Monopoly money again… Eight of the cards were left blank so we added some more interesting activities that came to mind. In order to turn it into a drinking game we added the rule that each player could either choose to do what the Impulse Card or square indicated or have a drink. We also added two glasses (mine twice as large as Shelley’s), and a nice white wine. Modifying the game this way felt quite natural, because nobody felt pressured to do anything they might not have wanted to do. Overall, this game gets two thumbs up because it has good “replayability” (we didn’t even finish it the first time), because the activities were fun, and because everybody wins no matter what the outcome of the game!
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