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Go Deep Oral Sex Mints

Item #3985
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Our Price: $9.95

Go Deep Oral Sex Mints

Mints Help You To Deeper Oral Delights!
When it comes to oral sex, you can take it to a new deeper level with Go Deep Oral Sex Mints. They help you relax your throat muscles and give a fresh, minty tingle to anything they touch.
Go Deep Oral Sex Mints are the candies made especially for love! The sweet spearmint flavor produces a tongue-tingling sensation and transfers that tingle to anything it touches for more exciting oral sex. And the taste refreshes your mouth, too! They're a sexy, tasty treat for men or women.
Go Deep Oral Sex Mints feature mildly numbing benzocaine. As the mint melts in your mouth and trickles down the back of your throat, it slightly numbs your throat, helping you relax your muscles, giving you better control of your gag reflex. The result? You can take oral sex longer and deeper than ever before, thrilling your partner with a new sensation.
Use just one Go Deep Oral Sex Mint before sex for that numbing effect, or during oral sex to add a sweet tingle for your partner. You'll get 24 mints in an attractive tin box.