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Kamadara Love Diamond

Item# 5856
Backordered - Ships 11/8/2014
Price: $79.00
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Kamadara Love Diamond Features

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Explore new positions and enhance your favorites with the Kamadara Love Cushions. Made in the USA from foam with a plush washable cover. Try unzipping the cover and inserting your favorite vibrator for ultimate bliss. The handles help her stay anchored and by unclipping them you can attach cuffs or ties for light bondage role playing. Comes with instructions and position guide for couples.
The Kamadara Love Diamond cushion is designed to elevate your lover’s hips at just the right angle for deeper penetration and enhanced G spot or P spot stimulation. A better sex cushion that enables longer lasting oral sessions and makes you feel bigger inside your lover. 20" x 7" x 14". *$10 shipping surcharge included in price due to size and weight
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Dense core foam





Customer Reviews - Kamadara Love Diamond

Kamadara Pillow   

on October 19, 2013

Loops are nice. Size is great. Angles are comfortable.
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Love goddess on August 13, 2012

Its fantastic
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Pleasing positions   

Beeman on January 8, 2012

Anyone who's never tried a position enhancer, really needs to give it a go. They easily spice up your sex life and make all of your old favorite positions just a little bit better. More support, easier thrusting, deeper penetration, better angles, it does it all. We've tried a couple of them over the years, but the Kamadara is our favorite so far just for the handles. Vigorous sex can lead to sliding down the slope or out of position, but if you hold the handy handles, you can easily keep the ramp and yourself in just the right spot. The sheer variety of positions this thing can be used in boggles the mind, and half the fun is coming up with them!
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Diamonds are forever!   

El Fantastico on July 26, 2010

The Kamadara Love Diamond, part of the Kamadara Love Cushion line, is an absolute must have! This diamond shaped wedge is the perfect enhancer for sexual positions and allows for more range and deeper penetration in a variety of positions. Ms. Fantastico likes it because it can elevate her hips in several positions and allows me to get deeper, fuller penetration, adding a little extra spice to all of our favorites! The Love Diamond even comes with a chart showcasing some of the various positions and uses for this wonderful aid, but we had more fun finding our on fun ways to use it. The handles help her get a grip when things get going in overdrive, but they also allow for light bondage use, which makes this an even more versatile tool. One of the other great things about the Kamadara Love Diamond is the access it allow during oral sex, and it allows elevation and easier access to your partner show you can experience new angles and ways to please your partner! The Kamadara Love Diamond is a definite must have for any toy fan and is highly recommended by us. Five Hearts!
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