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Kaylani Tonight

Item# 5965
Backordered - Ships 8/9/2014
Price: $34.95
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Kaylani Tonight Features

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Sensational Kaylani Lei’s most scorching scenes in Kaylani Tonight! The Asian beauty wickedly fellates a biker stud, receiving deep penetration when he takes her from behind. Cowgirl Kaylani moans in ecstasy as 2 heavy hung ranchers fill her at both ends. Never one to leave out the ladies, Kaylani and two other hot brunettes expertly use fingers and tongues to reach multiple orgasms. There’s so much more--your evening with Kaylani is just beginning.

Feature Runtime: 119 Minutes
DVD Extras: 26 Minutes

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Wicked Pictures


Wicked Pictures

Customer Reviews - Kaylani Tonight

Hot Tonight   

El Fantastico on November 3, 2010

Kaylani Tonight is a DVD containing some of the best scenes from Wicked contract girl Kaylani Lei. The one has a little of everything in it, from group sex to all girl to even a sizzling hot solo scene. Kaylani is an amazingly hot woman who knows how to use her body and this DVD shows all of that talent! What's even better is the cast that are in the scenes with her, including Mikayla Mendez and Jessica Drake. If you are a fan of Kaylani's or just a fan of high energy, high quality adult entertainment, then this one is a must see!
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Very HOT...   

MsDiva on October 14, 2010

Kaylani Tonight is another great production from Wicked Pictures. It is always a stimulating pleasure to watch Kaylani in action. Kaylani Tonight is a collection of 11 scenes packed full of heterosexual and lesbian sex, oral sex, money shots, dildos and vibrators plus a great bonus scene that shouldn't be missed featuring a threesome. There are no story lines to follow which is a real plus for us. All the scenes are hot, hot, hot, but our favorite scene in this feature was Kaylani's solo scene with dildos and vibrators. This is a perfect movie for both singles and couples to enjoy. Kaylani is one of our favorite Wicked stars and we're never disappointed. I recommend this adult film and give it all five hearts.. Ms Diva
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Raise Your Hand If You Love Kaylani   

The Playful Couple on October 4, 2010

If you've ever seen a current Wicked Pictures film, you probably know Kaylani Lei. She's one of those elite contract girls who is both talented and beautiful. Wicked Pictures has released this "fill-in-the-blank Tonight" series for all of their biggest contract girls. Essentially it is a greatest hits DVD, if you could call it something besides a compilation. Kaylani is always great to watch, and there is plenty of her to go around. We are Kaylani fans, for sure, so this was a no brainer for us. Though it was missing some of our favorite Kaylani moments, it is a great collection. I believe there are 10 scenes all together, with some good bonus content as well, so it is a bang for the buck title. The only real negative we have to say about Kaylani Tonight, it the lack of real variation. As a performer, she's played everything from a resurrected sex crazed mummy, a vampire prostitute, and even an intergalactic john picking up a robot hooker. There is little by way of variety in this collection, and far too many repeat encounters between Kaylani and some other performers. All in all, we really enjoyed it, and definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a great film to tease themselves to.
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