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Liberator Position Master Wedge

Item# 5431
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Liberator Position Master Wedge Features

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We have taken the best selling Wedge and made it even better. With a new taller and wider size and rounded edge, balance and stability and easier while providing comfort, support and accessibility for a wide range of sexual positions. Achieve the very best angles for maximum stimulationfor oral, anal sex, rear entry and doggie and more. Solid hard core foam covered with a removable moisture barrier then covered with a removable, washable, soft micro fiber. *ONLY SHIPS TO LOWER 48 STATES. *Cannot be shipped overnight or 2-day.

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The Original...
Liberator Shapes Wedge
Liberator Wedge
The Liberator Wedge from Better Sex is portable, firm and won't flatten or stain. This sex toy for couples offers deeper penetrations, increased access and surprising new sensations.

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Dense core foam





Customer Reviews - Liberator Position Master Wedge

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Love it!   

SexToyNewb on May 6, 2010

I have been wanting to try a Liberator shape for a long time, and Im SO happy i did!! This little wedge is perfect! its light weight so its easy enough to throw on the bed when you wanna use it and throw off the bed when you're done. The cover is easily removable so if, or rather when, it gets dirty you can remove it and throw it in the wash. This item is so soft and comfortable, it is amazing how they do it! Its not too soft that you sink into it, ruining its assistance with positions, but its also not too firm that it isnt comfortable when youre really going at it. We haven't explored enough with this product, but the positions we've tried this product with have been great! without the assistance of the wedge, we'd normally get tired out from holding up our body weights. Since we dont, we can last longer without having to take a break to recover. One thing i think woulda been nice to get with this product is a little pamphlet that gives you some ideas of all the different positions this product can be used for, much like the sex swing we got from did. We've figured out some of them, but i'm sure there are ones out there that we haven't even thought of! but thats really the only downside we had with the product. We absolutely love this item, and would highly recommend this to any friend. I cannot wait to try some of liberators bigger shapes.
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1 person found the following review helpful
Makes a good position effortless.   

The Romantic Ones on November 25, 2009

We purchased a new mattress with a 4“ temperpedic pillow top which is great to sleep on and super comfortable but horrible when it comes to sexual positions. Your butt tends to sink in to the point that it lowers our genital areas and it was almost impossible access my wife’s favorite spots when going down on her. She would have to tilt her hips for oral or missionary which isn’t any fun for her and caused leg cramps. For me I sink in so far that I was losing a good inch of penetration when she climbed on top. I thought to myself , there has to be a better way. Seeing the Liberators in the Better Sex videos looked like fun but all we needed was a way to tilt our hips to a accessible position without effort. The Liberator Position Master does just that. It is the perfect height for full oral access and puts my hips in just the right position for full penetration when she is in the mood for Cowgirl. Sometimes the simple things in life work the best. It's geometry at its finest!! The cover is easily removable and machine washable. If you have a very soft or a temperpedic mattress this is a must have . Especially if either partner deals with back pain like mine does., its just what the Dr. ordered.
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