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Penetration Station

Item #3863
In Stock
Our Price: $79.99

Penetration Station

Go Longer and Deeper While You Try New Positions...


Get more endurance in bed, penetrate more deeply, and master the positions you've always wanted to try – with no aching muscles! The Penetration Station's handy straps attach easily to your bed to give you a more secure grip and better leverage so you can go all night long in comfort.


  • Increases thrust and leverage
  • Minimizes muscle fatigue
  • Enhances experimental positions
  • Allows deeper penetration and hands-free fun
  • Easily sets up in seconds on any size bed
  • FREE instructional DVD


Now it's easy to master the positions you've always wanted to try – while at the same time thrusting deeper for a longer time. The Penetration Station is designed to provide leverage and stability for your body during sex, so that you can stay more comfortable and get more support to try positions like doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and the other fun positions you've seen in adult videos.


Not complicated sex furniture -- instead it's an easy-to-use set of 5 simple leverage straps and 4 comfortable neoprene attachments that work as hand grips, foot stirrups and thigh straps to give you support where you need it during sex. It sets up in seconds on any bed: simply run the 12' center strap under the mattress, then attach the four 7' leverage straps to the center strap. Add the grip attachments and you're ready to experience orgasms like never before.


You'll find that muscle fatigue is a thing of the past, as the Penetration Station's attachments support your weight as you thrust and give you a new, exciting stability. Ladies, use the thigh grips to lift your thighs higher, with less muscle stress, so that he can go deeper. Use the hand grips to steady you while you ride on top. Men, hold the lower straps to support your weight as you thrust. Keep her legs in the air and his hands free during oral sex. You can go for much longer without getting tired, for more and better orgasms!



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Brand: Sportsheets
Colors: Black