Liberator Great Sex Kit

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Liberator Great Sex Kit Features

Our Liberator Great Sex Kit will help you discover new sex positions, find a new lovemaking passion and learn new ways to create the best sex of your life. The Liberator Ramp is a featured sex position aid in our new Great Sex For A Lifetime 2 volume DVD set. We created this new video series with the same passion and attention to detail as our other award winning adult sex education titles. Great Sex For A Lifetime includes explicit demonstrations of couples demonstrating new sex positions, putting a new spin on oral sex, recommendations from sex therapists and information on how to have the “sex” talk with your partner. Shape boxed separately to ensure safe delivery. *ONLY SHIPS TO LOWER 48 STATES.*Cannot be shipped overnight or 2-day.

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Liberator Wedge = use this link to read customer reviews
No flat pillow can lift and tilt you like the Liberator Wedge from Better Sex - This sex toy for couples does an amazing job at giving you some great G-spot action!
Great Sex for a Lifetime Set = use this link to read customer reviews
Now, right this minute, is the time for you and your partner to learn new simple mind blowing orgasm tips and new sexual techniques guaranteed to excite. A better sex life is here…if you want it.

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Dense core foam


Sinclair Institute, Liberator