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Safari Condom Sampler

Item# 1753
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Safari Condom Sampler Features

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Better Sex Promotes Having Safe Sex With This Safari Condom Sampler
Each best-selling condom in this variety pack was hand-picked by our contraceptive experts to ensure your pleasure. The 75-count selection provides you with unsurpassed quality and variety and includes a variety of condoms such as lubricated and ultra-thin from customer favorites such as Lifestyles and Durex.  The Safari Condom Sampler is a great condom from Better Sex and will keep you on the track to having safe sex that is both fun and exciting. 

Customer Reviews - Safari Condom Sampler

Safe Sex Safari II   

on July 20, 2009

These condoms broke for us. My husband used about 15 of these things but 13 of them failed. Thank god, I am still on the pill! May not be for well-endowed men.
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Safe Sex Safari   

on March 3, 2009

I liked what the Safari Condom Sampler was offering, but what I had recieved was a little different. There were 10 variations of condoms that I had received. On my invoice they had wrote a note saying that all the condoms had been hand picked. 4 of the variations were just labeled 1 latex condom**STAFF NOTE: Full descriptions of condoms can be found on back of condom packet (i.e. front labels 1 latex condom while back reads "Durex High Sensation"); one was Trojan-enz, and the other 3 were Durex. The packages are different colors (listed) but all three felt the same, no difference in condom texture, or feeling, except that the condoms are pink in color. Out of the 3 listed above, we got 10 blue (color of package), 5 red, 9 silver, and 2 Trojan-nez. We had also gotten 8 XL condoms, 11 ultra sensitive, 10 climax control with male desensitizer (4.5% benzocaine), 4 snugger fit which was actually too tight for my husband (He ended up taking it off). 6 skin less skin, and 10 ultra thins. This is a good variety of condoms, but in the description it says that the sampler includes: ribbed, lubricated, studded, ultra-thin, super-sensitive and scented condoms in a variety of colors. We never recieved the ribbed, studded or scented condoms. (Yes, I sniffed the condoms...BEFORE USE!!!!)**STAFF NOTE: A few of the condoms from this kit have been discontinued and therefore replaced with alternatives. Thanks to this review, we were made aware of the change and have updated the product description accordingly.
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Best Condom Sampler EVER   

Anonymous on May 10, 2005

I have been a return customer just for the condom sampler packet... well that and the toys.... ok and some of the videos, but this is a great sample pack and gives a variety that allows you to pick and choose later what you really like.
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