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Smartballs Teneo Duo

Item# 5452
Backordered - Ships 10/4/2014
Price: $29.90
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Smartballs Teneo Duo
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Smartballs Teneo Duo $29.90
System Jo Personal Feminine Spray $9.95
Organic Lubricant/Toy Sanitizer Combo $22.95
Sizzle! Toys for Better Sex $19.95

Smartballs Teneo Duo Features

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The Smartballs Teneo duo are velvety sleek to captivate lovers of kegal balls!

Smartballs are velvety smooth to get your pelvic muscles in shape while you play. Trained muscles lead to more feeling during sex. The ergonomically formed finger hollow on the base makes insertion easy. The innovative technology promises extremely smooth use as well as steady and quick rotation of the internal balls.

• Removal loop made out of silicone
• Improved sensitivity with perpendicular ridges
• Balls wrapped in velvety soft silicone
• Restore PC muscle control

Customer Reviews - Smartballs Teneo Duo

Perfect for wearing around anywhere!   

Leigh on September 19, 2010

After looking for something similar to ben wa balls, but with a cord, I came across these online and had to try them. The thing that sold me was the good decent size of each ball, and that the cord was made of silicone, thus easy to clean. Plus you can't go wrong with Fun Factory toys!! I received these in the mail and instantly wanted to try them out. Washed 'em real good and then I added some water based lube to the first ball. I know now that you need lube on BOTH of the balls on this toy. If you don't the second ball will be uncomfortable when inserted. These need to be inserted high up in the vagina. Insert them with your finger like you would a tampon with no applicator. You will love the sensations when you walk, of the inner balls moving around inside you. I have been naughty and worn these to the grocery store. No one knew a thing! Highly recommended toy!!!
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Not for us   

SexyTime Lovers on March 29, 2010

While the Smartballs Tenuo Duo is a very well made toy, we weren't able successfully use them. Blame it on her petite frame, but my wife just couldn't comfortably use these, even with plenty of lube. The balls themselves are smooth yet hard. The silicone ridges provide some texture, but also added to the discomfort. If you have used, and enjoyed, products like this before, I would recommend the Tenuo Duo based on its quality.
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justice2inbed on December 16, 2009

I liked these balls alot. They stay in place and stimulate very nicely. Try wearing them out dancing. ;) Also try them in the vagina during anal sex, the sensation is awsome! I would recommend them to anyone , they definitely help with pc muscles and had no problem holding them in. They are easy to clean, extremely durable and they make performing kegel exercises pleasurable. Comfortable enough to be worn for hours, this pretty little toy will bring you lots of secret pleasure!
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Great concept, just not for me.   

Mrs. Z. Right on October 13, 2009

I was looking forward to trying this after my dinky Ben-Wa ball disaster. Sadly these were too big for me. I had difficulty getting the first of the set inserted and the lubricant I used (not the one that came with it) just rolled off. The first ball does not have a finger groove so it takes a bit to get it in. I wore them to bed the first time I tried them. We had fun the first night as I wiggled and moved, bringing myself to orgasm with just them inside me. The next time I tried them during the day, they were just too uncomfortable for me to try to concentrate on anything. I removed them and I’m going to order the Uno to try.
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Great balls of pleasure!   

Mr. &amp; Mrs. Kentch on September 16, 2009

When I first pulled the Smartballs out of the package, I was a little intimidated of the size! I would say they're a little smaller than golf balls. I haven't yet used them for tightening of the pelvic muscles, but more for pleasure. It was easy getting the first one in but a little tricky getting the second in. It's possible, but a tight squeeze! The Smartballs came with a lube sample, which I used, and it worked great. I would definitely recommend using lube with the Smartballs. The second ball closest to the string has a finger hollow for easier insertion. I paired my Smartballs up with the Mode Gyrating Massager and with the two of them together, it lead to a mind shattering orgasm!! I did find that pulling the second one out while orgasming was hard if you're pulling on the string. It stretches quite a bit and that's the only thing that I don't like about the Smartballs. I would definitely recommend these but probably not for the petite. The Smartballs are waterproof and very easy to clean!
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More Balls Please   

RockyLaFemme on August 21, 2009

And so the love affair continues. I love these sporty balls wrapped in velvety soft silicone. I really dig Fun Factory I think their toys are innovative and find their packaging not the least bit cheesy. I was looking for a vagina ball for the longest. I wanted one which could be cleaned completely, odor free, no nasty nylon string, had a strong retrieval cord and were connected. I was looking to build up my pc muscles so I can learn how to squirt but many of the orgasm balls on the market were a little scary to me. Then I found the Teneo Uno and I loved it. It was perfect for a beginner or anyone with a tilted uterus. So when I saw the Teneo Duo I had to have it. When it arrived of course it did not disappoint. It was packaged in a nice gray, creme and red box with user manual, it was lovely and unisex. It included a water based lube sample called Toy Fluid. I am a sucker for included lube samples especially when toys require it. Teneo Duo was slightly intimidating at first glance. They are a little smaller than golf balls. Insertion was easy but a tight truly filling fit after I rubbed both balls down with the ToyFluid. The ball nearest the silicone string has a finger hollow to aid insertion. I like to walk around, do household chores, and workout while wearing Teneo Duo but by far the best is to use it while I rub Layaspot on my clit. OMG it leads to the longest orgasms ever. There is something about the fullness of your vagina while it is closed, rubbing against your g-spot and the vibrations that are coming from the outside while the balls tightly rattle around inside of you that is unique and out of this world. I have also found that playing with the string by twisting it or slightly pulling on the balls as if to remove them and then drawing them back into me as I orgasm to be well AWESOME. This toy is discreet and also very easy to clean being a completely sealed toy, Teneo Duo are waterproof, dishwasher safe, are able to be boiled, and may even be cleaned with bleach.
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Smart balls - Teneo Duo   

Clearance &amp; Candy on August 19, 2009

I've tried a couple of Kegel Exercisers so far because my pelvic floor was week after childbirth which leads to dripping/leaking of urine (icky). Most woman who don't talk to their Doctors about the problem tend to shy away from sex thinking that's the cause of the leakage-when in reality I've found the less sexual activity the more leakage from the week pelvic floor. So if your leaking just shower before sex and have lots of it. The Smart Balls compared to other exercisers didn't feel like I was doing exercising at all. Most Doctors don't seem to recommend Kegel Exercisers - as least mine never did. Doing the Kegels without a Exerciser is in my opinion useless and every woman should invest in an exercise. I'm small framed and found the balls a little hard to get in-coating them with lube is a good idea. The first time I tried it I couldn't get the second ball in and was very comfortable, so I took them out and tried again with lube-much easier to get in. when you're putting the Smart Balls in, it's like inserting a tampon-when you get that feeling it's in the right place. Out of all the Kegel Exercisers I've tried so far this one is the most effortless exerciser I've found-there really is no work to be done after insertion you just go about your day the Smart Balls do all the work for you. Best Kegel Exerciser I've tried so far. After use I didn't feel like I'd done anything at all. The Smart Balls are a great way to effortlessly improve the strength of your pelvic floor and a healthy pelvic floor makes for some wonderful sex!
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Score with the big balls!   

HSSweethearts on August 19, 2009

After having 3 kids in the last 5 years, I was excited about trying these little guys out. The first thing I noticed was the sheer size of them. I would compare them to golf balls. The texture is also essential. It does not take too much lubrication for insertion because they have a nice, easy-going casing to them. The second ball is a bit more challenging, but with a little practice, it is completely doable. Once inside, typical kegels become much more intense. Since each outer shell also has a smaller ball inside that is constantly moving as you work, it can be slightly arousing at the same time. I have “exercised” while cooking and while working at the computer. Since tightening up has been a priority for me since my last child was born, I am glad to find a product like the Smartballs that I truly believe will get me where I want to go faster. I have exercising the rest of my body intensely to get my figure back, it only makes sense to want my … other areas … back too!
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A little too much for the petite   

The Joneses on August 16, 2009

The first thing my wife said when she pulled these out of the box was, “I’m suppose to put these where?!” They are very intimidating for someone as small as my wife. I would compare them to be almost the size of a ping pong ball. So I would recommend these to a lady who has given birth or if you are a full figured woman, otherwise you will have zero problems trying to hold these inside of you. My wife didn’t even have to think about doing any kegels once they were in because they were so large for her, defeating the whole purpose. She may get some use out of them if she has a natural birth though. The textured surface also provides a good gripping surface, but the silicone also deadens the sensation of the inner ball rotating within the larger balls, yet another disappointment. We are rating this on a point of view for woman wanting to start toning her kegel muscles. ~The Joneses
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No one will know but you that you’re exercising!   

Ms Diva on August 9, 2009

I recommend the Smartballs Teneo Duo for any/every woman to try. These are without a doubt one sure fire way to exercise those pelvis floor muscles with little to no effort. I am not new to the Fun Factory’s Smartballs, as I purchased a duo set several years ago and just loved them for exercising. I almost didn’t get this new and improved set of Smartballs-Teneo Duo for that reason but noticed that they had some great new changes in the design. One of the main features of the Smartballs Teneo Duo is indentation finger area for ease of insertion. It makes things a whole lot easier. The Smartballs have a lightly textured design and are made of smooth silicone. The silicone string makes removal and clean up quick and effortless. I used a couple of drops of the water based lube that comes with this exerciser for slick insertion into the vaginal canal. The Smartballs Teneo Duo can be worn for hours all the while stimulating and exercising the pelvic floor muscle while doing kegels. A sure fire way to get the vaginal fluids flowing and keeping those muscles working. Adding these to your toy box is a must. They are waterproof so you can wear them in the pool or bath and no one will know but you. Clean up is a snap with a little soap and water. Ms Diva
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