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Sportsheets™ Restraint Sheets (King)

Item# 2450
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Sportsheets™ Restraint Sheets (King) Features

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Turn your bedroom (or hotel room!) into a fantasy playroom. Captivate your lover with this playful restraint kit that fits any bed. A black, velvet-like brushed-nylon fitted bedcover with drawstring cinches and under-the-mattress stabilizing straps comes with four Velcro Anchor Pads and four adjustable restraint SportCuffs. Position the anchor pads and cuffs anywhere you want on the Sportsheets Restraint Sheets. Now cuff your lover and let him lose control! Secure but easy-off pads and cuffs create a non-threatening, arousing game of domination. Machine washable.

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Nylon, Velcro





Customer Reviews - Sportsheets™ Restraint Sheets (King)

Truly a fun time!   

The Playful Couple on April 30, 2009

This is a plush black sheet with four soft vinyl and Velcro style cuffs. They are very comfortable and fully adjustable. The cuffs can fit tiny to extra large wrists and ankles. They attach to the rest of the parts of the package by way of 4" x 8" pads with metal loops attached. You can position these pads as close together or as far apart as you wish. Readjustment is a snap. Just peel the pad, and re-stick it where you like. The beauty of this product is the flexibility. The sheet is very soft, almost micro-fiber, and straps to the mattress for a firm hold. It only takes a few minutes to set up, and is easily portable. The cuffs attach to the pads via metal loop and spring loaded hooks. Simply open the hook and snap it in place. Functionally speaking, we found it fairly easy. We are still rookies in the bondage game, so we had lots of awkward moments, but hey, it’s all in good fun. Our only real complaints about this package are small. For one, peeling the pads off or opening the cuffs is pretty simple, but it is LOUD.. This is not a discreet product. It would probably be best to only use it in an empty house. Being parents, we have to limit our usage to when we are truly alone. The only other complaint we have, if you can call it that, is hard for Sportsheets to control. The sheet holds ultra tight to the mattress, but that's it. If you have a flimsy mattress, you'll have more flexibility. Though a small downside, it does set the Sportsheets Restraints back a little from the more permanent bondage gear. But being made to remain portable and easy to conceal, they are truly great. We love ours, and plan on using them for a long time.
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Exploration is fun!!!!   

Hubby on February 20, 2009

This item comes with a very soft sheet that has 2 straps that wrap under the mattress to hold it tight. A draw string that pulls tight around the underside of the mattress to pull the sheet tight is also sewed in and keeps it tight. There are four pads to stick to the sheet in various places and four straps with latches to attach to the pads. The pads hold firm while pulling hard but peel off easy when lifted from the corners. We really enjoyed this product and had fun trying to create new postions. There is no limit to the possibilities since there are no straps attached that can limit movement.
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