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Super Sex Sling

Item #1552
In Stock
Our Price: $59.99

Super Sex Sling

Go Longer and Deeper With The Super Sex Sling
Featured in our Great Sex For A Lifetime DVD Set. Whether you're into oral, anal or missionary play, your sex can last longer and be more comfortable with the Super Sex Sling support straps.
  • Helps prevent strain and fatigue
  • Better penetration
  • More maneuverability
  • Padded neck support
  • Adjustable ankle straps
Enjoy better, deeper penetration and more comfort with less fatigue when you use the Super Sex Sling from Sportsheets.
Just slip The Super Sex Sling behind your neck. The soft, thick, padded pillow cradles your neck for comfort and support. Then slip your ankles into the padded suspension straps and fully adjustable Velcro cuffs. Your legs are raised and supported in total comfort, so you can have sex for a longer period of time in total comfort. The Super Sex Sling eliminates the fatigue that comes from holding your legs up unsupported, so you can enjoy any "legs up" position longer and more comfortably, preventing strain and fatigue for legs, hips and back.
The Super Sex Sling makes oral, anal or missionary sex more exciting and longer-lasting, freeing your partner from having to help hold up your legs – this allows for more hands-free fun and better maneuverability.
And because your legs are raised higher and separated more, your partner can thrust harder and go deeper than ever before, for dynamite orgasms! You'll love the improved, more comfortable sex you'll have with the Super Sex Sling!
Not Eligible for Discounts Greater than 25%
Brand: Sportsheets
Colors: Black
Material: Adjustable Nylon & Velcro