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Natural Contours Ideal Massager

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Natural Contours Ideal Massager
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Natural Contours Ideal Massager   
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Natural Contours Ideal Massager

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Stimulate, rejuvenate and relax your entire body! The Natural Contours Ideal is an amazing combination of body massager and adult sex toy. Use it as a powerful massager for the entire family, or keep it in the bedroom for orgasms that will have your toes curling with uninhibited pleasure.

• Dual-purpose massager
• Fully rechargeable
• Spring-ball mounted head moves with you
• Sexy, smooth ergonomic shape feels great
• 2 speeds
• Easy to use with either hand
• 8.25" long

Work the kinks out - or get kinky! - with this versatile Natural Contours Ideal massager. Use it to relax large or small areas of your body, or pinpoint the vibrations exactly where you want them. The large bulb head is mounted on a spring-ball with a smooth flexi-touch neck that moves freely to stay snug against your skin.

The ergonomic grip is uniquely shaped at an angle so that you can get to those hard to reach areas with either the right or left hand. It's made of high-quality ABS plastic for durability.

The Ideal massager feels fantastic whether you're smoothing it over your back or caressing your clitoris. A high-quality Japanese motor offers a choice of two powerful speeds for deep, satisfying, orgasmic vibrations. And the Ideal is cordless and rechargeable - one charge produces one hour of sheer bliss.

You can also choose from 4 popular attachments, sold separately, to make your Ideal massager even more versatile as an adult sex toy.

Choose your favorite attachment...

Ideal G-Plus Attachment
Unique patented design of the G-Plus attachment enhances sensations and adds variety to the many uses of the Ideal personal massager.

G-Spot Attachment
Turn your Ideal massager into a powerful G-spot vibrator!

Hitachi G-Spot Attachment

Smooth top, two sets of ridges, and a delightfully curved probe for pinpoint concentration making your Ideal even more magical.

Pleasure Plus Attachment

Richly textured soft jelly cap fits snuggly over the Ideal head to provide unique vibrations from over a hundred sensual nubs!

This sex toy is compatible with water-based lubes. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the sex toy with mild soap and water or try a sex toy cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this sex toy separately from other sex toys.

Product Details

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ABS Thermoplastic


8 inches


White, Teal


Natural Contours


2.75 inches


Flexible, Multi-speed


Disguised, Compact

Power Source:


Control Type:

Push Button, Wireless





Customer Reviews - Natural Contours Ideal Massager

Makes It Easy to be Nice   

Jamie J. on September 23, 2009

The Ideal Massager has some definite pros and cons. On the downside, although it charged overnight and was powerful when we unplugged it from the wall, I felt like it didn't hold a charge very long. Even with the passing of one day, it lost some of its strength and zing. Recharge time is 5 hours, which meant that if we wanted to use it on a daily basis it needed to be plugged back in each time we finished using it. Also, it is recommended that you don't use it while it is plugged in, so you couldn't charge it and use it simultaneously. The massager is also very loud. Once our daughter learned of its existence, her bionic ears would pick up the sound every time it was turned on, which made it next to impossible to use it as anything more than a health tool. That being said, the pros of the product make it one of my favorite tools in the charging station. The Ideal Massager is cordless, light-weight, and sculpted to fit more easily in your hand. What this means for us is that it makes it very easy to be nice, or treat, eachother to frequent muscle-relaxing back, foot, and leg massages. We keep it plugged in, out in the open, on the desk of the office. It is so easy to unplug and use for a few seconds on yourself or to carry it in to another room to use on a family member. Our daughter is the most active user, and since it is so light, she's able to hold it for lengths at a time. Her joy in being able to use it on our backs is generally contagious and soon we're passing it around. The other thing I liked is that the head of the massager is large enough that it is possible to use a lotion or cream along with it, without worry that it will gunk up the inside. We simply put a small amount on the area to be massaged and move the Ideal in small circles to spread it out. Not being able to use the massager very often sexually is a bit of a bummer, but I'd take family time like I mentioned above over alone time any day. For us, the Ideal Massage has been a wonderful addition to our lives.
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Natural Contours Massager   

Dr. Feel & Nurse Naughty on July 24, 2009

As a health care professional enrolled in massage therapy classes, I can highly recommend this massager to help soothe away some of those tight aching kinks in your muscles. It is very ergonomically shaped and comfortable in the hand, so as to not cause more strain when you’re trying to relieve already strained areas! The 2 speeds are easily controlled with a flip of a switch and can be quite intense….best to avoid bony areas. An added plus with this massager is that there are some awesome attachments which can transform this into a great sex toy! The only negative I found is that it can be a bit noisy.
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No Strings Attached   

Mr. and Mrs. Allure on July 15, 2009

The Natural Contours Ideal massager is the best personal massager that we have ever used. The first real perk that comes with this massager is that it is cordless. This is the first cordless we have ever used and we now know that there will never be a need to go back to “strings attached.” Moving around without having to adjust the cord is a definite plus. The second benefit is that the massager is ergonomic. The Ideal has been crafted so that each preferred region can be touched in just about any position. The head of the Ideal is a good size compared to most massagers so it can be used to give a really soothing deep massage. The spring ball head also is a advantage because the head moves with you. Mrs. Allure really likes the way it moves when she in in the cowgirl position. The ideal has two speeds; low and high. The low, for most applications, is generally sufficient, but the high has all the power you need and then some. If there is any negative thing I can say about the Ideal is that the massager is a bit loud, even on the low speed. The tradeoff, however, is wonderful power.
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For those who like it strong and hard   

Adriana on July 14, 2009

If you have ever been disappointed at the power of battery powered vibrations or found the Hitachi to be a touch too much, the Ideal may just be the solution. This rechargeable vibe surprised me with its strength after an initial 10 hour charge. Overall, I found that the Ideal was more comfortable to use as a body rather than an intimate massager and think those with larger hands might have an easier time with it intimately.The Ideal runs about an hour after charge but does not die gracefully. The two speeds on this massager could be summed up by "Wow!" and "Holy Wow!" - even Low is very, very high. Paired with the hard plastic of the spring-ball head, and I found the Ideal to be a bit too rough if I held it loosely against me (a softer attachment may help with this). Yet, holding it with more pressure was a bit difficult; the ergonomic handle frequently worked against me and negated the usefulness of the spring loaded head. As it loses power, the vibrations become shaky and erratic. Wipe down the head with a damp cloth after use (no submerging) and store it in a cool, dry place.
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Amazing Power...   

Genie's out of her Bottle... on July 8, 2009

The Natural Contours Ideal Massager comes in a sophisticated box (as all of my other toys from Natural Contours). There is a full 10-hour charge time before using for the first time. After that it’s 5 hours to recharge. The handle is angled so well because it’s comfortable to hold in either hand. The spring ball head id impressively four inches in circumference and at low or on high speed, it is very powerful! I appreciate not having to replace batteries. There is no noticeable odor. Made of plastic, it’s easy to clean with soap and warm water, or antibacterial toy cleaner. It’s not discrete because of the loud noise level, especially on high speed. The level of intensity from the Japanese motor is truly superior to most other massagers I’ve tried. As well as it felt very good on the soles of my feet, and around my nipples and I usually don’t consider them a particularly strong erogenous zone for me. I experienced ‘full tilt toes curling’ pleasure with this one!
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Sexy Love Birds on June 12, 2009

As a body massager the Ideal is, well, ideal. Compared to other run of the mill body massagers available on the market the Ideal massager packs plenty of punch into a wand style product that does absolute wonders to just about any body part you apply it to. The massaging head is made of a pleasantly soft material that neither drags against your skin nor pinches/scratches like some cheaper products. Our favorite feature may very well be the ability to charge the massager as opposed to blowing through batteries. We’ve each taken time to massage and receive massage from each other and both agreed that the sensations you’ll experience are wonderful. I felt the tailbone area and shoulders received the most benefit and she says hands down to run this one along the spine for a hell of a great time. However, we also agree that the Ideal is too loud and that a newer model would benefit from a quieter motor. We love this product and highly recommend it to everyone.
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Compact and easy to use!   

Clearance &amp; Candy on June 5, 2009

I really liked the Natural Contours Ideal Massager. The Natural Contours Ideal massager is my first rechargeable sex toy. What I liked: Way better than batteries or cords that get in the way. It has a low setting that give a nice slow rumble buzzing, and high which is way stronger than batteries. I loved the curved handle, way easier to use in some places. If I forget and leave it out, I don't need to worry who might see it, because it doesn't look like a sex toy. As a massager it works great on the neck with the unique handle, and everywhere else with the fun attachments that go with the Natural Contours and other well known handheld massagers, so if you have attachments from another brand they will fit the Natural Contours also. What I didn't like, it's just not quite as strong as the plug in versions but pretty close and it's smaller size makes it a better choice for travel-I'll be putting this in my camper.
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Cordless powerhouse!   

Puss N Boots on May 29, 2009

Do you love deep, thrumming vibrations? I know I do and this one really delivers! The vibrations are so powerful that it works wonders on sore muscles but it doesn’t stop there! I can hold the massaging head to my clitoris, even through clothing, and it won’t be long before I’m writhing in pleasure! It’s so easy to operate too! Just plug it into the wall outlet to charge it up and you’re good to go! It couldn’t be easier! No cords to get tangled up in is even better! The fun doesn’t end there either! There are several different and wonderful attachments available so that you can enjoy your new massager in even more ways! I’ll definitely be looking into more ways to enjoy mine because I plan on keeping it around for quite some time. It’s just that awesome! Just be advised that it is a powerhouse so it is a bit loud but nothing unbearable. I love it so much that the noise doesn’t bother me at all! That could be because my moans are much louder though. This one’s truly worthy of 5 hearts in my book!
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Good on it's own. Better with attachments   

on May 14, 2009

On its own this massager is exactly that just a massager. The rechargeable nature of it is a great selling feature as it saves money and lowers your carbon footprint by not wasting batteries. The handle has a unique grip that helps for self massage. It has a very solid feel to it and the massaging head is nice and soft. It can be used with and without massage oils. Each charge lasts more than long enough for all of your needs, just remember to plug it in before you expect to use it next. That is all we can really say about the massage function of this toy however check out the rest of the review on the Natural Contours Ideal G-Plus Attachment a must have if you are buying this massager.
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No Batteries Required   

Ricky and Lucy on August 20, 2008

My first thought when we received this vibrator was that it really had nothing to do with sex. Looks very similar to a vibrator my grandmother used to have. My sisters and I would spend hours massaging each others backs, feet, necks, etc. And the Natural Contours Vibrator does just that,,,and really well. When Lucy and I used it the first time however the thought entered my mind that maybe grandma used it for something else! When used on her clitoris, Lucys' eyes quickly closed, breathing increased,,and bingo,,what an orgasm,,,and rather quickly! All of our vibrators to this point have been traditional, or rabbit styles. Lucy liked the large head on this one saying the vibrations spread over a larger area were fantastic. We like the fact that it is not only cordless, but rechargeable. Hopefully this will become a trend in vibrators. We have used it for up to 30 minutes and it has always held its charge. The big question is how many times can you recharge it before batteries completely die? No idea, but we will happily continue using this wonderful vibrator until that time. Only negative we can give it is that it is VERY noisy. Not the humm or buzzing sound that all vibrators have, but rather the head on it seems to rattle. So it loses one heart for that, but still a good vibrator.
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