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Evolved Bendable Silicone Rose Features

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The Evolved Bendable Silicone Rose vibrator is the first flower that truly gives back!

A push button, multi-function base controls the powerful motor located at the tip of the rose bud. Not only is this Silicone Rose waterproof, it bends and holds any position, making it perfect for pin-pointed orgasmic vibrations!

• Made of phthalate and latex free silicone
• 12" long and 1½" at its widest.
• Waterproof for shower play
• Bendable stem is perfect for precision vibrations exactly where you want them
• Multi-function vibrations
• Discrete look perfect for travel or gifting
• Requires 2 "AAA" batteries, sold separately

This sex toy is compatible with water-based lubes; try the Better Sex Essentials® Gel Personal Lubricant . It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the sex toy with mild soap and water or try the Better Sex Essentials® Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this sex toy separately from other sex toys.

This toy requires batteries - add a Pink Power "AAA" 4 Pack to your cart today and enjoy every amazing feature right out of the box!

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12 inches


Red, White


Evolved Novelties

Customer Reviews - Evolved Bendable Silicone Rose

A fun gift   

Keeping Warm in Maine on February 13, 2011

As others have already, said this vibrator is a great gift idea. It looks fantastic and is a little whimsical. The packaging, as always, is very nice. As soon as you receive it this vibrator is ready to give as a gift. It even has a little to/from tag on it. It is made of silicone and is waterproof. The controls are great as well. That being said, it does lack a little power and is hard to position do to the flexibility of the shaft. The flexibility makes it very hard to get any pressure behind the vibrations without some creative handling. The wife said that it felt strange when inserted because it creates quite a bit of suction. Some folks may like this but it was not for us. Overall the pros and cons balance one another out making this a fun item to gift but not for serious play.
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Cool packaging, Ok toy   

The Romantic Ones on February 8, 2011

As usual the packaging on this product is terrific, just like all Evolved products. (We have re-purposed many of their tin boxes) This is a nice gift for Valentines day, but as the other reviewers say it bends way too easily and is under powered. It would be fine for a tease or some foreplay but this is not an Orgasm toy. The batteries slide into the base after unscrewing the cap. As with any Evolved toy I own, you have to find the exact position for the cap or it doesn't power up. The power button is kind of annoying as you press the button through all the settings and you need to hold in the button to turn it off. As I said, it has its purpose, but don't expect miracles.
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Only for Gentle Use   

Miss Kay on February 6, 2011

The Bendable Silicone Rose is a neat Evolved product. There's a cute ribbon tied around the middle of the plastic tube, includes a "To/From" tag. The toy ends up actually looking pretty discreet. If you enjoy applying pressure during masturbation, you should probably avoid purchasing this one though. Because the shaft of the toy is so bendable, if you apply pressure, it does actually bend. I only suggest this Rose if you are someone who likes to gently rest the vibrator up against your body. Because of the small size and long, skinny handle, this ends up being perfect to use between two bodies during sex. This toy only worked as a tease, and there's no way to be able to achieve orgasm with this one-at least, for me. If you are okay with a quiet, soft vibrations, and bendable toy, this one is a great purchase. I love the design on this one, and the silicone tip feels amazing, but I just wish the shaft had been made a bit firmer and the vibrations were stronger.
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Would recommend this for an erotic foreplay toy...   

Genie's out of her Bottle... on February 5, 2011

Evolved Novelties Bendable Silicone Rose is truly lovely to look at. At 12" tall, it comes in a clear cylinder tied with a red ribbon and gift tag. 2 AA batteries are included & slide in easily at the base. The power options by push button incl: low, medium, high continuous and 4 varied pulsing variations, This toy gets 2 hearts alone for ingenious design. It’s lightweight, virtually odor free and velvety in feel. The stem is highly malleable, wonderful for angle and positioning. The 1½" rosebud’s bullet is powerful, and the noise level low. The only way I could turn it off was by untwisting the base completely and twisting it back on-a lot of effort. The stem is too flexible. I need some resistance to be able to 'play' & I had none. The bud’s texture and vibration felt wonderful but at 12” it was a bit unwieldy as a ‘play’ toy. This toy cleaned up easily with antibacterial toy cleaner. This is a beautiful design and a great gift that offers more sensual, erotic foreplay for couples.
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Very Giftable   

Beeman on February 5, 2011

The Evolved Bendable Silicone Rose is definitely a very "cute" vibrator. It comes with a little to/from gift tag making it perfect for gifting. I give it bonus points for being bendable, but in use the vibrator is somewhat mediocre overall. The bendable aspect would work better if it was stiffer. After just a bit of pressure during use it'll slowly change its shape which can be frustrating. It uses two AAA batteries contrary to the description and gives off a fairly average level of vibrations that are pretty quiet even at the highest setting. There are the standard 3 speed settings and then 4 pulse choices. The settings seemed rather uninspired and not very varied (no escalation modes--our favorite), but the few pulse modes are better than nothing. The Bendable Rose doesn't stand out much except on looks, so it would probably be a good beginner's vibe, even more so if you're gifting it. We wished the bendable feature worked better so it could fill a niche role in any toy chest.
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